Check Out This Windows 9 Poster Circulated Among Microsoft Windows Team Employees

Windows Threshold Poster Microsoft

Today, Recode published a poster that was reportedly circulated among Microsoft Windows team employees. This poster describes about the vision Microsoft has for its upcoming Windows 9/Threshold release. It says that the world doesn’t need another operating system, instead it needs a deeply personal, universally human way of operating and deliver things that they can’t even imagine. They acknowledge that getting thee won’t be easy, but that’s why they are at Microsoft.

I like the last tag line, “Because the world needs Windows.”

We already know that Microsoft is integrating Cortana inside the next version of Windows and that will make it deeply personal for its users. What’s your expectation on Windows 9?

Source: Recode

  • RoadOfMajor

    It’s really inspiring that they got the designer of the Blue Screen of Death to design this motivational poster..

    • Guesty

      May not have to worry about quoting MS, lay-offs may care if it for you :-S

      • dave

        english much?

    • NewOrb

      Perhaps that is the point, to get old legacy thinking employees to move on to ‘greener pastures’.

    • mariya4563

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  • dave

    “deeply personal”, “universally human”, sure sound like the new Microsoft double talk to me, somebody saw “Her”, what the F%$k is wrong with an operating system that boots and let me run my software without pushing BS Tile interface in my face?

    • Emi the Strange

      wow… it seems someone like you have hard time using a computer? maybe you should quit if you can’t move your mouse around windows 8 and the tiles… are they harder to click even if they are bigger?
      I really doubt you actually do something useful with a computer.

      security “wholes”…. do you know every operating system has them? and have you suffered from a security HOLE? I would love to hear your story. because I am sure you only mention “security holes” I mean WHOLES, because that’s what you read in every monthly update, but then you have never experienced an issue with it, and you probably have no idea how they are exploited.

      but hey, keep complaining and being another useless computer complainer issue on this earth. do you feel better about your life coming to internet and admitting you have hard time using a new start screen even if it works like old start menu? wow… congratulations I guess, I guess I will let you keeping doing your ultimate productive computing life, that is so interrupted by windows 8. what about staying with 7? oh wait, no, because you can’t complain about windows 8 and modern interface if you use 7, or maybe you do, and still want to complain about 8…. there is no much to expect from someone like you I guess.

      • rockuz


      • dave

        so the giant F%^king holes in IE, which is bundled to Windows doesn’t count? nearly all security flaws are browser based. they even had to patch XP after they said they wouldn’t.

        • Jim_MAY

          Was devoted user of IE had to switch locks up constantly with Windows 8.
          Now reading this blue screen above can see Microsoft has lost some of its marbles, “deeply personal, universally human way of operating”. Are you kidding!
          Why not, ” Let’s give the people what they want”.

    • sb1370

      OS X, iOS and Android aren’t better than Windows in security.

  • icanhazinternet

    Seems like a good internal poster.

    At the end of the day, Microsoft I think has come up with a fairly predictable cadence when it comes to producing/releasing operating systems. They end up pushing the envelope (Win Me, Win Vista, Win 8) and then learning from their mistakes and reeling it back in a little bit with a very stable platform (Win XP, Win 7). I expect the Win 9 OS to continue the trend and become the new standard OS for business.

    With Microsoft uniting the app stores and rumors of Win 9 being a free upgrade to Win7 SP1 or Win8.1, can you imagine the push their developer community would get in the Windows Store? Once the dev community gets behind it, it would add a lot of credence to their hardware strategy that hasn’t quite taken off yet. Sounds like a pretty solid move IMO.

  • Jim_MAY

    My love for Windows just went out the window.

    • Joe_HTH

      Fortunately, nobody gives a shit. Plenty of people still want it and will love it. Go buy a Mac and be happy. Idiots like you love simplified, gimpy shit made for idiots and children.

      • John

        Joe, get back underneath that rock you crawled out from.

        • Socius

          He’s right. Go buy a Mac. I recommend them to all my simpleton friends who’d be just as happy with an iPad instead of a computer because it lets them browse the web, email, facebook, and chat. For what it does, it’s a beautiful OS. Simple. Easy to use. And basic. No serious computer user uses a Mac as their primary PC (without the use of dual-boot or Windows Emulators). This is a fact. Windows is 100x more powerful and customizable than Mac, and 1000x more supported by software/hardware vendors than Linux (though that could change in the future).

          Remember that Apple is not out to take the place of Windows. Why? Because Apple is a Hardware manufacturer. They create OS’s to sell Hardware. Microsoft makes software, to sell software. And makes hardware (like Surface) to sell software. They are (for the most part) not competing for the same group of customers.

          This is coming from someone who has a Windows PC, an iPad Air, a Surface Pro 2, an iPhone 5s, and a Lumia 1520 Windows Phone. And yes. I love Microsoft. And I love some of Apple’s products.

          • Fluffy balls


          • Guesty

            What idiots like you don’t understand less then 20% need those “serious” computer uses this is why Microsoft is no longer the leader.

            Who sad that thing about PC being around for a long time but being like a truck, something most people will not need…

          • Socius

            I’m an “idiot” because you failed to read even the first section of my post? Let me copy/paste it for you:

            “He’s right. Go buy a Mac. I recommend them to all my simpleton friends who’d be just as happy with an iPad instead of a computer because it lets them browse the web, email, facebook, and chat. For what it does, it’s a beautiful OS. Simple. Easy to use.”

            And no. Microsoft is not going anywhere. Windows is not going anywhere. Microsoft has invested heavily against the wishes of some investors into the Windows Ecosystem:

            – Desktop/Laptop (Windows 8.1)

            – PC Gaming (DirectX12 & Growing PC Gaming Market)

            – Tablets (Surface/Surface Pro)

            – Mobile (Nokia Lumia)

            – TV/Living Room (Xbox One)

            Of course…what do I know. It’s not like people actually like Windows Phone 8. Everyone knows this PC Mag survey is a fake…Because Microsoft isn’t the leader, it can’t do anything right, and it’s just on its way out.

          • Guesty

            Yes your an idiot to for trying to create a false dichotomy about only Simpletons use Macs. Not understand like Ballmer didn’t understand that a lot of “Work” can be done outside of the old Wintel paradigm who contrinue to spew that has held back Microsoft.

            Your the type who would will never understand the world has changed; Software is becoming free, MS hardware does not sales, but you want to pretend its the old days of Apple vs Microsoft. Keep fighting that fight fool the rest of the real world has moved on!

          • Socius


          • Guesty

            Thank you, you’re an idiot, one who unable to think for themselves and with depth falls back to protocol and tagmemics to obfuscate a lack of insight.

          • dave

            the subject of the thread is a new version of WINDOWS!
            which is badly needed as Win 8 is complete failure although not as bad as windows phone which DEAD with 1 Billion loss in <2 years, XBone is #2 , Nokia is being euthanized, all of which has nothing to do with Apple, so your whole post was stupid, waste of time, just looks like desperate fanboyism, so yes your an Idiot!, even Microsoft knows they have screwed up royally and are trying to fix it. you aren't helping the cause with huge dumb posts.

          • Tuck

            Anyone who isn’t already assimilated into the Apple-Borg would be quite impressed with a Windows Phone if given a week with it and an iPhone. (A Windows Phone at same price point.) Same thing with tablets. The iPhone/Pad interface is not as nice as Windows. More than half the people who buy iPhones and iPads do so because iProducts are the “in” thing to own, regardless of what else is out there.

      • tofferne

        Yes for sure, MAC and Appel is for children, and people who can’t manage a real OS like Windows and WP. Grow up and have a life.

      • NGM123


    • NewOrb

      Wow, really – fickle much?

  • tropolite

    Please cut the bottom bit off and put it on Nadella’s desk so HE can remember what the MS team is all there for – oh and that means Windows PHONE too. Don’t start doing what other developers have done and give the usual ‘we’ll keep an eye on the market and we may develop the apps that we’re developing for later, if the market picks up that is’.

    Microsoft, it is ‘important’ that the ‘Operating System’ ‘do great things’ because ‘it empowers people to do great things’ we ‘can’t yet even imagine’. ‘That’s why you’re here’ ‘because the world needs Windows’ because that’s what you’ve ‘always done’.

  • Tips_y

    Cut out all the other BS from that internal motivational poster and leave the last two sentences behind because that’s the whole point of the poster:

    “That’s why you’re (the MS employees) here.
    Because the world needs Windows.”

    Sigh too many words to express something so simple.

    • Topsey

      The Microsoft Way!

  • Jeff

    What do I expect? Let’s see:

    A photo app that lets me view all my pictures, regardless of source, as one coherent group of pictures. That means all OneDrive and Facebook pictures show up directly in the app, seamlessly. That means I can sort pictures by date taken, album, person tag, or geotag. I can view pictures on a map and on a map-timeline so that I can hit ‘play’ and have it show Paris, then London, then Berlin, because that’s the order I went on vacation.

    A media app that replaces X-Box Music, X-Box Video, Podcasts, Radio, and Synch, and provides all the features and interface style of Zune from the metro and desktop interfaces. This means that it can do wifi synch while my phone is charging. While playing, it gives me the old Zune screensaver, and the now playing screen with flipping album covers. It would allow metadata editing (full ID3 like WMP in XP had with advanced tag editor, plus tv/movie/music video tagging from Zune) from within the app itself, gapless playback, and equalizer settings in the app. I could purchase phone apps from the app itself, not just a crappy website. I could mark audiobooks using the genre tag, and purchase audiobooks from the app. I could see what friends are playing because Zune Social would return, with all its features, including ‘share to…’ where I could share playlists directly to friends in the app, or post out to FB on a friend’s wall or my wall, or a group of friends, or share a song, an artist, or an album. It would allow me to ‘follow’ a band and get notifications of nearby concerts and new albums; follow a TV show to get notifications when new episodes are available, and follow a movie to know when it’s out in theaters and available on the marketplace. It would give badges for completing TV Shows and seasons and movie series, which you could then post to FB/TW to show off to friends. This new media player would not overwrite any metadata on any song. It would find cloud matches, and if not matched, it’d upload the unmatched songs to my OneDrive at no storage penalty for streaming to all my devices. Zune Cards would return, and include TV and movie sections. It would have auto playlists like Windows Media Player has, Channels I can subscribe to, Picks to see what I might like, the Heart icon restored, and it would be fast. I have to say that x-Box Music and Video to me are synonymous with slow, crappy, buggy, feature-poor, embarrassing software that make me ashamed to use Windows. It’s time to scrap X-Box Music and Video and restore Zune.

    Parallax scrolling and live backgrounds on the start and desktop screens. If I shift the tablet, the text on the lock screen and the tiles should float above the background. Zune HD and iPhones do this, why not Windows? When I scroll the tiles, add multi-parallax so, like old SNES games, there are several levels of scrolling going on. Live backgrounds like Windows Vista had. Imagine a pool background with fish swimming in it, where the water ripples as tiles slide overhead, or the earth spinning in space, or a view of the solar system, where scrolling the tiles scrolls the planets left to right behind them. How awesome would that be?

    I expect the date/time, wifi, battery, and volume to be persistent on the Start Screen, and not dependent on me swiping in from the right to see on the overlay, and I expect those to be real buttons that I can interact with. Hiding them means more work to find those incredibly basic functions for a wireless, portable device. Hiding them in the charms bar might make sense to MS, but not to customers.

    I expect a Messaging app that also includes all my texts saved to my onedrive. If my phone’s in range, then my texts show up in the app immediately, and I can reply from the messaging app, as a text, that’ll show up on my phone. Just like the iOS8 can do. I also expect Facebook integration so I never have to even open FB to use it. I also expect to be able to use rich text (font styles, sizes, colors, etc) and custom emoticons that I find on the web, like Windows Live Messenger could do. I expect this app to do file transfers and even let me play games with friends from within the app, then launch the game.

    I expect a search that isn’t an infinite-scrolling panorama, but a single page, with pivots so if I search “Marilyn Monroe” to use MS’s example, I don’t see a five-mile panorama where I have no idea that my search returned a web page or songs, but I see pivots that tell me the number of results! Who’d have thought of that? Oh wait, MS did years ago…

    So I’d see:
    web (84) pictures (432) video (435) TV (18) movies (22)

    and I could swipe left/right, the pivots would actually swipe/move with my finger, and the results would scroll up/down. That makes real sense.

    I expect a browser to let me run two tabs side-by-side, not just a row of tabs. It would also let me know when a website updates itself, like Safari on a mac does. I also expect this browser to make RSS subscription incredibly easy, preferably with a menu button that shows me all the RSS Feeds available from a website, say ZDNet, or, and then, via Live Tile or desktop widget, have a continually updating RSS Feed so I can see new articles as they’re published. I also expect the browser to protect my privacy by allowing me to shut off scripts, java, and flash easily with a button, and also to turn off browser fingerprinting ( at the same time, as well as give me a real print button.

    I expect the desktop to return to Aero Glass. I’m tired of flat. I want 3D. I also expect Wireless Printers to just show up and be useable so long as they’re on the same network, with maybe 1 or 2 clicks at most.

    I expect the tiles to be interactive live tiles, as was shown off ( and these to work also on the desktop as widgets. I also expect a Zune-style screensaver baked into the OS (

    I would restore 3D Flip.

    I would add “Handoff” so that I can finish an office document on my phone when I leave the office or on my surface, as it would be synchronized for me.

    I expect the windows computer or surface to use my Windows Phone to make and receive calls, so that the Surface itself acts as a speakerphone, using my cellular minutes.

    I would expect that the ‘location’ field in any calendar appointment be an actual clickable link to show me a map of where the appointment is. Then the calendar would offer to give directions to that place, which would include the ability to select alternate routes, and give an ETA with traffic.

  • Willem Evenhuis

    This snippet could have been written by anyone and seems an odd picture a la word 5.0.
    I do not see the comeback of the startmenu as a deeply personal way of working. If not the upcoming threshold seems to more steer back towards a windows 7 experience, while I actually would like microsoft to steer more towards the modern UI and pen-centric. Two OS’es windows 9 is then starting to sound like a good idea.

    • Luke

      I do, one reason it is deeply personal is because it adapts itself depending on the device it is on so it is easier to use but still very familiar across all devices. The other reasons, you haven’t even seen or heard about yet

  • NewOrb

    I think the poster is awesome, if they can live up to it. It is certainly the right way forward, lets see if they can get old thinking into a new paradigm shift. Based on some of the mindless comments here it might be harder than they think.

  • Rod Iron

    Dear MS employees just make sure we take care of Apple & Android users first, remember we aren’t Windows-centric anymore. Signed Satya 😉

    • Topsey

      Dear MS employees,
      Sorry I blew it and put the company in a position where your no longer the leader, where we messed up the smartphone market missed mobile and gone from 95% to 14% personal computer device market share making supporting other platforms first the only intelligent option.
      Signed, S. Ballmer

  • donzebe

    “Because the world needs windows” of course the world needs window, who want to live in houses without windows. we need windows to bring in that fesh air and freshen our lifes. Human don’t think of it but it enables them to operate above and beyond their thinking.

  • Kam Kam Ho

    Ask yourself and your relatives and friends: Do you use pc at home? I bet over 90% says they are using ANDROID phones or tablets.

    • JamesSB

      No, my friends don’t use junk

      • Kam Kam Ho

        The market share of android is an answer against your answer.

  • James Quinn

    My expectation of Windows 9? Too big and too integrated with the touch screen for me to use on my computer, so if I want to keep on streaming Hulu plus movies, downloading tons of E-music tracks, “printing” files to PDF, probably even doing e-mail–whatever it is a person does on the computer–without completely choking out my ram and cpu, I will have to devote this one to Ubuntu and eventually buy a damned new one.