Check Out Touch+, A Small And Sleek Sensor That Can Turn Any Surface Into A Into Multitouch Controller For Your PC

The developers behind popular Kickstarter project Haptix is now back with a product called Touch+. Touch+ is a successor to Haptix and costs just $75. Touch+ is a small and sleek bar that turns any surface into a multitouch controller for your PC or laptop. Touch+ contains two cameras that track the 3D positions of your fingers and allow you to use multitouch by detecting the height of your fingers. It also enables gesture shortcuts by detecting the hand gestures you make.  You can use this 3D tracking device to tap, swipe, or zoom on any surface while seeing your fingers on the screen.

You can order the sensor here from Ractiv.

via: Engadget

  • g-knome

    Looks like two of the Microsoft Research projects for IR keyboard and other surfaces bundled in one. Feels like Apple users wishing they had touchscreens. They were faster in releasing to market though

  • dev

    Microsoft has released multiple (marketing) concept videos for touch/gesture recognition in the last 2 years. But then again, Microsoft is unable to execute and deliver something that you can buy.

  • tropolite

    Does it come with the book that it’s sitting on?