Check Out What 7000 Microsoft Employees Did Together To Show Their Support For Seahawks


The Seattle Seahawks are a professional American football franchise in the National Football League based in Seattle, Washington. They got qualified for the finals of NFL known as SuperBowl. The final game is taking place on Sunday and as Microsoft’s HQ is located in Seattle, there are lots of Seattle Seahawks fans among Microsoft employees. To showcase their support for Seahawks, around 7000 employees of Microsoft’s Operating Systems group gathered together Microsoft’s campus to form 12th man flag. Check out more photos below.

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Photos credits: Microsoft and its employees on Twitter.

  • ZloiYuri

    When the cat is nothing to do – he licks his balls

    • IamDefiler

      As do trolls.

      • Niels Bosch


      • ZloiYuri

        That’s what Russians says when see useless things when it needed to work. WPSheeps.

        • Prayaas

          Again, how many employees does Microsoft have? And how many of them work in the Windows Phone team? And how many of them worked on this? Let me guess your answer. 7000. You are really good at stats.

    • grs_dev

      LOL @ZloiYuri I don’t blame you. Growing up in a communist country that has recently embarked on western freedoms, I can understand why it’s not in your DNA to appreciate a workplace that promotes good community integration and not just sweating its workers.

      • ZloiYuri

        Baby, you don’t even know what freedom is) Your “freedom” is fake. Listen Snowden))) But I see – wp7 glitches are the same as in wp8 – so I wondering – how many people working on it? 1? 2 of this huge “community”? So I don’t blame you for your Nazism, it’s just a question of “freedom”. Freedom people to have OWN opinion. You have not.

        • Prayaas

          Name one Windows Phone 7 glitch which repeats itself on Windows Phone 8. You can’t. (Unless of course you think a glitch means lack of a feature. Better take English classes first in that case)

          You’re VERY delusional. Both, about Windows Phone and about equating what grs_dev said with “fake freedom” or even Nazism.

          By your last sentence I think you mean “free people have their own opinion and he does not.” Well I think you should see what an opinion means. He said something which is not the same as you did, and that totally makes it HIS opinion. Judgemental Illuminist creep.

          • ZloiYuri

            WPSheep? Ok. If you will delete messages in e-mail inbox on server side after one week after incoming – on your devices they will stay where they were, no matter what’s on server. Exchange&IMAP glitches. Mediaplayer. Doubling names are the same. No proper Album detecting – only mesh. After Calendar sync fresh appointment can appear on server side a whole day after. Where full contacts support at No contacts pics. Hiding last call number in dialer. It’s needed to swipe a list down to see it. Alarm clock. It shows alarm time ONCE at tile. Then – not. Internet Explorer crushing on the same sites as in WP7. For example one time in 15-20 views IE closes itself on And that’s not all. Enough? It’s just THE SAME glitches as presented in WP7. Is it normal? No. Will they fix anyday? No, better MS employees make a massive selfie another time. And please, don’t support racism, that’s says about yourself better than hundred of words.

  • VinnY02

    MS HQ is at Redmond, not Seattle. But close enough.

  • Guest

    This is why we had to wait 3 months for a Surface update that won’t brick it?

    • IamDefiler

      Yeah, because it took three months get those people out on a field.

    • Prayaas

      You must have been the top-scorer in high school with this Math of yours.
      40 days, it was. And the 11 Dec Update was pushed only to very few people before being removed.
      One side, it is said that update installs are slow (even with auto-update) and now suddenly half the world’s population downloaded the update within minutes.
      You guys are nothing but trolls or Scroogs who have never used a Surface.

  • Kruegerman

    The 12 is a little off-center.

    • Guest

      True to form for Microsoft but don’t worry, by the 3.0 release it will be almost perfect 😀

      • IamDefiler

        This rings true in so many MS products. Good call!

        • Prayaas

          Third Time’s a Charm. 😉

      • Captain Panaka

        You mean v3.1.