Check Your Web Broswer Security Using From Microsoft

Microsoft today launched a new website aimed at protecting customers from web browser security by providing them information on their current browser’s security level. The website also provides information on malware and how your browser can protect from you from it. The website which is designed on Metro Design language is easy to use and pretty useful as well. I got the above score when I visited the website using Google Chrome 13 and I even tested it with IE8 which scored 1 and IE9 topped the results with 4 points.

Try it out at

via: winrumors

  • Anonymous

    Can we talk about how incredibly amazing the websites Metro interface is? 

  • Chandra Murali

    It would be more trustable if this site is created by a common third party………

  • Anonymous

    Is there a website from Microsoft that lets you check the spelling of headlines?

  • Anonymous

    Firefox scored me a 2 out of 4. That’s not very good. I guess I better change to IE9. Thank you, Microsoft, for guiding me in the right direction. Hey I wonder if I’d fair better if Mozilla had a site just like this. Hmmmmm……

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t let me test firefox 8 beta.  Damn it!! Now i’m browsing the web unsecured 😉