China Bans Use Of Windows 8 Government PCs Citing Energy And Security Issues

China Windows 8

Chinese government today made a strange move by announcing the ban of Microsoft’s Windows 8 OS in government computers. As per reports, the ban is due to the notice on the use of energy-saving products. The official Xinhua news claims that it was due to security concerns. It is not yet clear on what exactly is the cause of Windows 8 ban.

The Central Government Procurement Center issued the ban on installing Windows 8 on government computers as part of a notice on the use of energy-saving products, posted on its website last week.

The official Xinhua news agency said the ban was to ensure computer security after Microsoft ended support for its Windows XP operating system, which was widely used in China.

Neither the government nor Xinhua elaborated on how the ban supported the use of energy-saving products, or how it ensured security.

Microsoft is yet to comment on this issue.

Source: Reuters

  • Bruce Li

    MS new CEO should go to Beijing to show some ‘respect’, ad both Gates and Ballmer did frequently

    • whatup12

      and look how good that turned out for MSFT!

      • Guest

        Yes, after they seen Ballmer jumping around the stage like a sweaty monkey, they decided to never again buy from Mocrosoft.

        • whatup12

          Yep, they decided stealing was cheaper….

  • Drewidian

    China has stated in the past that they want their own OS. By saying they won’t adopt Windows 8 as their standard is just setting the ground for them to launch their own. There are security concerns, as we move into the future, but its more about control and independence than anything.

    • counterblow

      yeah….GL with that.

  • Rohit Chauhan

    Stupid and arrogant people in Chinese government.

  • counterblow

    LOL, yes because XP is so much more secure.

  • tomakali

    true we are living with Aliens on this planet and they have a country called CHINA

  • BeefNeegroidMaster

    Probably because it is too secure. Those slopes love to hack.

  • Asgard

    The real issue here is that W8 is so cloud connected that it too easily leaks piracy numbers to MS. XP is very safe and easy to pirate 😉

  • longjob

    200 Million stolen copies of XP in China. A 12 year old product with 5 years notification that free XP support was ending. Would any other industry or company have done so much? This is typical Chinese belligerence and bullying tactics

  • Bugbog

    Probably because internal Government software (read whatever you want into that) doesn’t work or work well on Windows 8.

  • Adrian

    China don’t take it to well when accused of spying(everybody do it). They did this to IBM and Cisco when the whole Huawei thing in the US flared up.