China Warns Microsoft Against Interfering In Or Obstructing The Antitrust Probe

Microsoft offices in China were raided last week by Chinese government officials for unknown reasons. China’s State Administration for Industry & Commerce made the visits to Microsoft offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu. Yesterday, no exact reason was specified by Chinese government regarding this sudden investigation. Later, a Chinese regulator confirmed that they are conducting an anti-monopoly investigation into Microsoft over its Windows OS. Generally, anti-monopoly investigations are done when some company dominates the market by practicing unethical business practices.

Today, China State Administration for Industry and Commerce publicly warned Microsoft that they should avoid “interfering in or obstructing” the probe. They also revealed that they are questioning Microsoft Deputy General Counsel Mary Snapp as part of the investigation.

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Source: WSJ

  • counterblow

    pwease tun ova all of yor code fo the lindows awthentication sewva

  • UMovies

    translation, were having a problem reverse engineering windows so we need to break in and steal what we can so that we can come out with a competitive product, ethical reason we don’t want to depend on a US company anymore.

  • Tips_y

    Funny but the biggest offender of anti-monopoly and antitrust is the Chinese communist government itself – it’s very existence is a monopoly and a trust !!! Except of course, it’s not funny but tragic.