Chinese Government Agency Provides 20 Day Deadline For Microsoft To Give Explanation On Anti-trust Issues

As you all know, Chinese government has started an anti-trust investigation against Microsoft’s business practices in China. Hundreds of Chinese government officials conducted raids to Microsoft offices in China to investigate this issue. Today, Chinese government agency SAIC (State Administration for Industry and Commerce) has announced that they have given 20 days for Microsoft to respond to their allegations. They believe that Microsoft didn’t provide enough information regarding Microsoft Windows and Office that lead to compatibility issues for consumers.

Microsoft responded to this development that they are serious about complying with China’s laws and committed to addressing SAIC’s questions and concerns.

Source: SAIC via: Reuters, TNW

  • Joe_HTH

    Yeah China, when your consumers start buying Windows instead of pirating Windows, then and only then should Microsoft respond. To hell with your thieving Chinese consumers.

  • Ram Uppugunduri

    LOL, Chinese Govt. doesn’t have any reasons to call Microsoft Monopoly, when itself is ruled by a monopoly party. Is there any other party in China that is not Communist Party?