Chinese Gov’t Docs Reveals The List Of 310 Microsoft Patents Implemented In Android Devices

Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia’s Devices and Services business has been cleared to close in 16 markets where the deal was approved without any conditions. The Chinese Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) however approved the deal on certain conditions as they feared Microsoft may use its dominant patent resource to get more royalty out of Chinese OEMs. You can read Microsoft’s commitments is here. At that time, Microsoft revealed that Android devices are built on hundreds of patent “families” owned by Microsoft. A Chinese agency has now published the lists of patents on a Chinese-language webpage. You can download the longer list of 310 patents or read it below. The below document has three sections, in which 73 patents are classified as “standard-essential patents,” or SEPs which Microsoft should license to others on FRAND terms. There are 127 patents that Microsoft believes are used in Android devices. And there is another classification that has “non-SEP” assets, which includes 68 patent applications and 42 issued patents. Microsoft has announced number of patent deals in the past two years related to Android, in fact about 50% of all Android devices shipping are licensed from Microsoft for its patents.

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via: Ars Technica

  • Bugbog

    “.. in fact about 50% of all Android devices shipping are licensed from Microsoft for its patents”
    More like between 70 – 85%

    • Tips_y

      Your “70 – 85%” figure probably refers only to well-known OEMs. Actually, aside from Motorola not paying license fees, there are also countless other local and regional OEMs/ODMs not paying license fees to Microsoft, and getting away with it. It’s quite possible some of them have agreed to produce WP devices to avoid tangling in future court cases with Microsoft.

      • hushv

        Why is Motorola not paying?

        • Przemysław Lib

          Because it was owned by Google.

          And MS did not wanted Google to know which patents are such cash cows for them.

          (That one should be illegal. If one company want to go after somebody with licensing fees, then at least that somebody should be allowed to notify upstream developer about such threats.

          • kzm

            motorola own by lenovo now

          • Przemysław Lib

            that is fresh deal.

            I’m sure that now, some MS team is just starting talks with Lenovo 😉

        • grs_dev

          Because they were in courts suing Microsoft for another patent infringement suit and has nothing to do with being owned by Google.

  • ZloiYuri

    Great example how bad MS marketing division works. This information had to represented years ago (even through “leaks”). In that case MS could look as a victim of everything-stole-google, but in fact it seems inside out – MS looked an greedy aggressor.

    • nohone

      The anti-MS people will make anything MS does look like they are greedy aggressors. They give away free software, that is greedy and monopolistic. Give PCs and software to schools, MS is trying to force people to buy more MS software because kids will need to use at home what they use at school, if they were really charitable they would have given away Mac and Linux computers. Also, wasn’t it disgusting how MS will tell about their giving to the community rather than doing it in quiet (but don’t forget when Apple had a press conference about a donation they made to some disaster relief, then they were the most generous, most caring company around)? I was reading the other day about how BillG was helping to eradicate some disease, and somehow it was turned into a “Bill is doing it because he is a eugenicist” attack. And here, where MS has their patents violated, they are a horrible, greedy, aggressive company, but Apple drags anyone into court over the smallest thing such as rounded squares (you know, squircles, which was mocked on the Zune) and they are just fighting for what they worked so hard to invent.
      These people have so much hatred that they will stop at nothing to smear anyone who dares to think different and does not march lock-step with what Google or Apple tells them. And if you do say anything they are told is wrong, then you must be dealt with accordingly because poor, poor Apple is just treated horribly by the media and the public in general.

      • ZloiYuri

        But in this case MS give all the aces to that trolls.

      • YOLO

        Totally agree…

      • tegz

        nothing new there man. some people are just so blind to everything and still think it’s cool to hate microsoft. it doesn’t matter what they do, they’ll just continue to blindly hate ms and continue kissing apple and google’s ass just because they aren’t ms.

      • SyanjiKetil

        Do you always see yourself as a victim? Please keep to the topic rather using every post to spew negativity. It only feeds the small minded.

        • nohone

          You seem to be playing the victim who is forced to read my post. If you don’t like it, then just move along.

          “Please keep to the topic”
          I was commenting on something that was said by someone else, my comment was on topic to the comment I replied to. But even if I were not on topic, my reply to you would be “make me.”
          This is exactly how it starts – say something that does not praise the Apple, then the conversation needs to be shut down. We can’t have people with different opinions, so we need to go after them and put a stop to it before the legacy of The Jobs (praise to him) is tarnished.

          • SyanjiKetil

            I see I challenged your world view and playing victim is important for your self image. I am sorry.

          • nohone

            Waaaah! Waaah! Somebody has a different opinion than you, and you need to make sure that conversation is shut down, then you start blaming everyone else for what you yourself have done. Rather than debating what I wrote in response to another person’s comment, you need to make sure that I am attacked for having a different opinion than you do – providing a perfect example of what I wrote about how people like you operate.

          • SyanjiKetil

            Please don’t cry. It is all just silicone and wires and while I find a preference for Windows, please understand, it would be destructive to put the level of importance that leads to behaviors of victimhood and crying that you seem to take it to. Please stay on topic in the future, for the good of the site and for the good of you.

  • Tirinti

    Maybe Chinese OEMs should simply drop spydroid and start produce proper smartphones with WP.