Chinese State Media Slams Microsoft As “Extremely Irresponsible” For Ending WinXP Support

Windows XP finally hit end-of-life two days ago after 13 years on the market.  While most consumers have moved off Windows XP many enterprises have been dragging their feet in making the upgrade.  Microsoft made it clear it would end support for Windows XP six years ago.

Consumers in China are in a more unique situation compared to the rest of world.  It is estimated that nearly 200 millions users in China are still using Windows XP and many of them IE6 too. The Chinese press seem to have taken this as a chance to bad-mouth foreign businesses, while promoting China’s underwhelming domestic software industry. Foreign Policy reports:

In an April 8 article published prominently at the top of its website — an area usually dedicated to chronicling Chinese President Xi Jinping’s activities — state-run news agency Xinhua slammed Microsoft’s decision as “extremely irresponsible behavior” that “shows a lack of trustworthiness,” warning the move would imperil “Internet security as well as the future of Microsoft.” The screed claimed that the end of XP puts China in an “awkward position” because “much of the operating systems are controlled by foreigners.” It is also an occasion for “China’s domestic operating system to rise to the challenge.”

The article fails to mention that 90% of Chinese users are running a pirated copy of Windows XP.  A Chinese national confesed:

“I use a pirated version,” confessed one user, “and I really have no standing to ask Microsoft for anything.”

Source: FP

  • Karthikeyan

    Screw them.

  • Nham Thien Duong

    This also proves that Windows is better than other O.S.’es, people PIRATE Windows, over O.S. X, and Linux (especially useless Ubuntu) is free, but people would still rather use a fake version of Windows. 😛

  • counterblow

    OH NOEZZZZZ!!! Where will they get their pirated Windows now?

    LOLZ on China making an operating system….they have NEVER made anything original, just steal and reverse engineer.

  • ZloiYuri

    XP is VERY old and HAVE to die. Those who use it are similar to girl from anecdote.
    – Daisy, what are you eating?
    – Orange…
    – But why it’s brown?
    – I’m eating it second time…

    • DTM

      hahahah awwww sick!!!

    • Cryio


  • Johnny H

    Nice … complaining about support while most of them do not even pay for it …

  • vmxr

    after 14 years of support they are irresponsible now wtf :/

    • Duk3togo

      LOL also giving a 6 year warning was short notice… Damn MS you need to give these pirates 10 years dont you know…

  • Emi the Strange

    well after Xp there have been VISTA, 7 and now 8… didn’t they really think Microsoft had to support an old OS for 50 years more?

  • jms429

    You know what I think is irresponsible..putting spikes on park benches…

  • kingraven24

    LOL – only 10% legitimate users and they say “this is irresponsible”? Dear China: quite being a bunch of a**holes and join the world in purchasing your software. It’s like a 12 year old child being told that, when he/she turns 18, they’re moving out of the house. It was forewarned and pretty much everyone does it anyways. This whole situation makes China look almost as ridiculous as North Korea. Move to 7 or 8 and you’ll all be fine. On a related note: who’s dumb enough to continue using IE6!?

  • redtidal

    Coming from China, I wouldn’t give too much thought on what state media claims, nationalism and nepotism run high within a small group of people. They will find fault no matter what in a western company.

  • Duk3togo

    I’m,curious if they are soo smart. why haven’t they figured put that basic freedoms are necessary? State run media, seriously!!

    Breaking news, according to the Google gazette, Windows Phone is full of viruses and security flaws. Like they wouldn’t be biased lol…

  • SickFreak

    It’s China… Just another idiotic attack on free enterprise.

  • FXi2

    Why? It’s not like you paid for 90% of the copies of XP you have anyway!

  • Tips_y

    AND why should the Chinese government care when in fact the vast majority of illegal, stolen, and unlicensed Windows XP users are in China, tolerated by the government, probably even encouraged by means of the officials themselves using stolen XP OS products.

  • NGM123

    13 years free support and their bitching?
    Perhaps the should try a chromebook and see how they go with that rubbish.