Chinese “Windows 8 App store” not fake but not real either


It turns out the Windows 8 App store, of which several screen shots has been leaked, is not a native Windows 8 application.

The software store is in fact real, but is really by Appmarts, which provide an interface to find and download applications.

Long Zheng from notes that the “Windows Store” (the real name of the app store) is currently locked down to internal Microsoft servers and domain users, and wont be showing up in leaks any time soon.

The revelation comes as something of a relief – the design of the store interface is clearly more Windows 7 than Windows 8, something which has been grating our readers since the first screen shots showed up some weeks ago.

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    This news appears too good to be true!!..

  • Jjh

    Yayyy… That store is just horrible… I knew MS would release a mire consistent and beautiful metro-based store