Chitika: Windows 8 Now Represents 2.3% Of Windows-based Web Traffic In US

Windows 8 was released to general consumers on Oct 26th by Microsoft and following the release it was announced that over 40 million copies of Windows 8 was sold after 1 month of its release. Chitika today released a report which measures the Windows based web traffic in US. According to them, Windows 8 now holds 2.3% of the Windows based web traffic in US.

Based on the graph above, Web traffic from Windows 8 users constituted 2.3% of all Windows traffic as of December 13th 2012 – exactly 48 days after its release. In comparison, 48 hours following Apple’s release of Mac OS X Mountain Lion, its new OS had already captured 3.2% of Mac Web usage. Both Windows 8 and Mountain Lion were available as downloadable upgrades to consumers for $40 and $20, respectively.

I guess Windows 8 usage will further accelerate as more Windows 8 based tablets and convertibles reach consumers hands in coming months.



  • Bnlknlk Kofi Baiden

    Not bad

  • freeiam

    This is the end of Windows

    • kemite2

      Why ?

    • Dan Fear

      Not even close dude, get ur facts right.

    • xma1e

      MUM: “Freeiam, take that Mayan Calender off the fridge I think it’s faulty!”

      • Tips_y


    • oldjovian

      Yeah, just like it’s the end of Apple because of Jobs’ passing . . . looks like Android’s going to dominate the future . . .

  • PoohGQ

    Ok! Do you realize the percentage of Mac install base is much smaller than that of Windows? The numbers above only compares the Windows base. 2.3% of Windows 8 is possibly 80% of all MAC installs..

    • skruis

      Exactly. I can’t believe they bothered to try and compare the two. It just shows you how idiotic some ‘tech’ journalists can be.

      • Brian

        Actually I can’t believe how idiotic some commenters can be. Comparing the share relative to their market size (i.e. uptake) is perfectly reasonable. It’s not the only metric but to call it idiotic is naive.

        • Tips_y

          The 3.2% web usage by Mac computers based on the 15% total Mac computers in the U.S. (Worldwide it’s less than 10%) and the 2.3% web usage by W8 computers based on the 70% share of Windows in the U.S. cannot be compared because in reality the 3.2% Mac usage does not come even close to the 2.3% of W8 usage. That’s why they think the comparison is idiotic.

          • Brian

            It’s perfectly reasonable to compare the RATE of upgrading between the two systems – your faulty math not withstanding. In fact for many things (e.g. failures) the rate is a lot more important than is the absolute number.

          • Tips_y

            The comparison of the “RATE of upgrading between two systems” only becomes meaningful between Windows 8 and Windows 7 – your wishful thinking not withstanding. Comparing the 2.3% of Windows and 3.2% of Mac OS is like comparing apples and oranges (or in this particular case watermelon [Windows] and apples [Mac OS]) because the 2.3% of Windows is already a big chunk of the whole userbase of Mac OS in the U.S. This whole comparison is nothing but an attempt at propaganda and serves no useful purpose.

          • Brian

            It’s perfectly reasonable to compare these rates – especially when Microsoft has changed their upgrade path to be more “Apple-like.” No need to get your panties in a knot.

          • Tips_y

            Yeah right, perfectly reasonable to you maybe and to all those affected by the Apple Reality Distortion Field! LOL!

          • Brian

            Perfectly reasonable to anyone with more than a six grade education in math. Oh well, you probably should start practicing some career starter phrases such as “would you like fries with that?”

          • Tips_y

            LOL better to be educated enough to sell fries than to be unenducated like you because no amount of university education will remedy THAT!

  • rsgx

    So, 25% by the end of 2013?

    • Dan Fear

      or about 2.5x more than XP in the same period.

  • MissingMatter

    Mountain Lion had faster adoption within OSX, but according to Hitslink, it’s only at 4.34% of all operating systems within the US and Canada (180 days). Windows 8 is at 1.70% today (57 days). This means absolute Windows 8 is growing faster than OSX 10.8 in the US and Canada. Adoption as a percent of Windows users might be slower, but that’s expected given the relative market sizes.

  • xma1e

    Pradeep, where do you get your facts from? The bottom of a barrel? Mac OS has such a small market share, that 3% of it is probable 0.003% of windows (that was a guess, like yours, but then I don’t call myself a “journalist”)

  • NegLewis

    There is nothing wrong in comparing shares between OS’s.
    But – there is a big difference between Microsoft OS Version Updates and Entire New Version Update.
    In Apple’s case there are only minor cosmetic updates most of the time or bug fixes – it’s the same kernel, same state, new icons or drivers.

    So, comparing MS Windows 8 with a new MAC version is idiotic…
    BUT!!! Comparing a Service Pack Update (XP, Vista, Windows 7 …) with MAC OS makes sense.

    Let’s see how long took for XP SP2 to be adopted by community… or W7 … or how long the first Win 8 update took to be adopted by…

    Got it? :)

  • Windows 8

    I agree that the tech journos should have given proper numbers instead of figures, coz the mac os is so small in numbers that it is laughable..