Chris Pirillo blows geek cred by shilling for crapware maker

imageIn what really should be labelled an ad, Chris Pirillo starred in this video by Pokki, who makes a start menu replacement for Windows 8, and goes around deliberately trying to confuse current Windows users by presenting them with Windows 8 without any preparation at all, and asking them to perform a task which Microsoft deliberately hid- turning off the PC.

I believe long time Windows users will be as confused if they were presented with a Mac, and to turn off the PC the simplest is of course to press the power button or on many laptops simply closing the lid, actions that did not go away with Windows 8.

The video is a deliberate FUD piece which Chris should be ashamed to have his name associated with.

Do our readers agree?  Let us know below.


  • lol

    i wish someone would stick a shotgun in chris prillo’s mouth and blow all his brains + neck muscles out

    • sammy summers

      Wow you are a man full of rage….rage on you viking you. But I do agree Chris needs to get punched in his cock suck-hole.

    • Chris Georgeson


  • Wheez

    How handy to not have the desktop tile in the Metro as well as stuff it in the metro menu to their face.

  • hope

    This guy is a complete idiot. It needed 2 seconds of the video to almost hate him!
    But he got right in some way.
    I was far more excited for Windows 7 than I’m right now for Windows 8.
    It is a high risk bet from Microsoft. That means they can win alot with Windows 8 on tablets but it can go terribly wrong in the PC market.
    I guess time will say but this video proves something: for the first time in years, people will probably find Mac OS X or Linux much more closer to Windows than Windows itself. And I gess people won’t like the idea of start reading manuals and watching videos to learn how to use their new OS more than pick a diferent OS. I only hope they keep with Windows 7 instead of go with Linux or Apple…

    • Bugbog

      I’ve been studying/working in I.T. for 20 years now, and I can state that through all that time, I’ve watched DOS 5 & 6 rise with Windows 3.1 and turn into Windows 95. Switched from 95 to 98, from 98 to Millennium, checked out Win 2000, said no. Switched to Windows XP, watched the hullabaloo of Vista come and go. Watched the plaudits for Windows 7 roll in and then upgrade to it.

      Then, finally, in 2011, I saw a video of Windows 8 wherein the O.S. was demoed.


      For over 10 years I’ve worked with Notebooks, Laptops and Tablets of all kinds. And Never Once was I ever interested in getting one. When the iPad, and subsequent Android clones were released, I only turned my nose up and sneered.

      But then the Developer Preview was released in August of 2011. Within A Week I had rushed out, purchased an Acer W500 and loaded the Win 8 DP! I haven’t looked back since. Subsequently updating with the Consumer Preview, Release Preview, and finally the RTM.

      And come October 26th, I’ll be getting myself a Microsoft Surface RT! I can tell you, I’ve never been more excited by an O.S. release like this, and consider Windows 8 the beginning of the future of another computing revolution.

      Our Imagination is the only limit.

    • PoohGQ

      I will agree with the lady that said it will take some corporates time to upgrade to Win8 but most will upgrade way after most Windows RT tablets have been on the market & in consumer hands. It really doesn’t take that long to learn how to use the new Start screen. This Chris Pirillo guy has had some issues with MS software for a while now. This video should clearly indicate that it’s an advert for pokkemon start. /s

  • Breakingillusions

    He is nothing but an idiot

  • Eric Hon

    in my feedback to MSFT during the CP testing, i said that the start screen should always have a clock and the power button. I’m surprised that they didn’t do that in the official release. I don’t mind the lack of start button, but at the very least, you need to have the clock and power button. It’ s just too easy to spread FUD and I’m not surprised that haters are taking advantage of it.

    • neos1

      Windows 8 is not meant to be shut down, that is why the button is not shown on first glance. Normal use on notebooks or tablets is to close the lid or press the power button, so you should do on desktops. perheps this is just to simple 😉

    • beachtech

      Use computer’s hardware power button to switch on/off like you do in your smartphone which should save lot of shutdown/startup time instead of using windows shutdown button.

      Hardware button quick press should put computer in sleep mode and hardly consume any power in sleep mode but most people for no reason still they use windows shutdown button as a habit they brought from older Windows versions and old hardware.

      Windows 8 sleep and wake mode are even quicker than some smartphones so Microsoft want to remove this user’s unwanted shutdown/start habit, so they intenionally hide the shutdown button.

      Many people dont like change but eventually they will change and like it, people use to love blackberry’s physical keyboard, few years ago many android phones came with physical keyboards even though they had touchscreen, now almost all smartphones comes without physical keyboards because people are now used to and there is no demand for keyboards.

  • Kruegerman

    Press the power button, morons.

  • drew

    This is an advert posted to the company’s product YouTube account. why exactly do you have a problem with this?

    • lol

      how bout you stfu u fag

  • dablackreaper

    Does this guy have a problem??? what i mean to say, IS THIS GUY RETARDED?? sure looks that way!!

  • Jeroen Heijster

    After the installation you get clear instructions how you can access your recent apps/start menu and the charms.

  • Kruegerman

    FWIW, Pirillo has a lot of good things to say about Windows 8 on a touch-enabled device.

  • IzitMe

    I agree with these people. I have the preview version. not in love with it (on a laptop) but I can use it. Had my mom try to use it. Then my dad. Then my little brother. They can thought it looked pretty but didn’t want to use it (too confusing). Microsoft missed on this one. should of just been a tablet/phone/xbox OS.

    • jabtano

      I been using the prevue now stand alone on my main rig and a machine that came with vista. My mom and dad came over to see it as they want a new laptop. my dad took one look and said nope I want the picture of my grand kids on my screen dad you can see click desktop….Now that’s fucking dumb he says. so can I come right into this or do I have to go to this flashing mess all the time…that’s the start screen dad… No way yes,, mom..Oh it’s pretty where is the start button? not there mom you do this…OMG why? well it’s a new way of doing things… they went out and bought a MacBook pro to work with there i-pad ;( I love win8 but I can see where it’s not going to sit well with folks who are not computer savvy. I think MS should have made the win8 for tablets/phone and just made 7 better leaving the start button there like with win8rt that is really going to mess folks up because MS has not been very clear on it., IT WILL NOT RUN WIN8 APPS.nor is it win8 OS just looks like it.praying this doesn’t kill my MS stocks even more than it is already…I wanted my phone/laptop/pc to jive as one as it should without the hassle.Prillio is a jackass by the way.

      • Bugbog

        I don’t even know where to start with your comment? (Grammer aside).

        Firstly, your dad (or parents) would have two options for making their picture of choice always visible. Once, on the lock screen. And secondly on the desktop, which would place a smaller picture tile on the start screen.

        Secondly, it would seem that your parents would have to already been using Mac products (or have a familiarity with them, as indicated by the iPad) before deciding to go and purchase a MBP, due to such ‘concerns’ about the UI of a new O.S. such as the Win8 one, which, on combing the familiarity of the old win system with a new touch centric tile system, would be easier than ever to access!

        I say this coming from an IT service background, where part of my job involved explaining how to use computer products to ‘newbs’.

        So. based on your assessment, I would say there aren’t any issues with Windows 8, as older generations averse to change are not going to adopt a new O.S. whatever the case.

  • Dillon Blair

    I agree 100% with this article. I was really surprised to see Chris Pirillo shilling this. I have a feeling he will regret making this video soon.

  • Maxi J. ✨

    Chris Pirillo is one of the biggest Apple anti Microsoft hating on anything else that’s not made in Cupertino geeks (not uncommon), but you don’t see me going around trying to tell everyone that. Why are we even listen to what he’s gotta say? Oh that’s right, because he’s just another bigot with mass media access.

  • grs_dev

    Let him enjoy his 15 min…

  • dajunga

    He’s a hack.

  • Scubadog

    My respect for Leo Laporte aside, I never liked Pirillo. And, frankly, anyone who refuses to embrace the new needs to stick to the old system, sit down, shut up and color. Leave new and cutting edge to those of us who don’t live in fear.

    • Banfanboy Personalities

      Uh. Anytime Leo Laporte even mentions anything Microsoft, the fanboy in him automatically triggers a mocking laugh. Listen to him. It happens every single time.
      When he talks about his beloved Apple, he always talks seriously. Pretty hard to respect sometime like that.

      • surur

        I agree 10000%. It is the most irritating thing in the world.

  • Peter Kremzar

    So here is how to turn off an iPad.
    I think to turn off Windows 8 device is a lot more easier.

  • sanshiro

    The first time I used a Mac I spend 15 minutes and couldn’t figure out where the Web browser was. Finally I caved and asked a “genius” (I was at an Apple store) and he told me to click on the compass-looking icon thingy — that was the browser. I was like ahhh ok thx. All these W8 FUD videos are the same: it would take 45 seconds to teach a person the basic gestures and menus, but because all the authors want is create FUD, they cannot spare 45 seconds and are happy to waste people’s time and resources.

    • Raygun

      I use a mac at work at still have to ask how to achieve simple things I do on my PC.

  • Zicoz

    This guy sold out a long time ago.

    • Tom V.

      dumbest systems manager i’ve ever seen.

  • Mahesh Abnave

    Ask all people to see this 5 minute video –

    Am sure they will master windows 8 in 5 minutes.

    • Emi Cyberschreiber

      Your video is nice. I would have changed some stuff but its for the way i work. more mouse oriented. like i rarely use win key xD
      but you covered the most important stuff, its sad people say “it sucks” “i used it for 3 hours and i uninstalled it” (probably it was 3 seconds)
      and they dont see it Works sometimes better tan old start menú which was nice specially in win7 but its nice before going to “all programs” and have small tiny crappy small folders than always annoyed me, and searching was not that useful sometimes. since it only displayed few ítems.
      anyway nice video! and hope you can spread more so people will learn how to use it. i know some people dont like changes or learn something new, but some are really like they dont even try to learn it. and some complain about shutdown button, seriously how many times people shutdown their computers? specially laptops (which have a lid you can close)? xD anyway! good video and i just smiled to see a positive video in web and not retarded ones about how “Windows 8 sucks because my grandma cant use it”

    • Windows 8

      Nice video there, keep your progress and you will have thousands of views. 😀

  • Mark Firemoon

    He had geek cred? I’ve always thought of him as a self-aggrandizing fool.

  • Tom V.

    i would say to get a life, but he’s a geek, so i guess this is the kind of shit this idiot enjoys doing. misleading asshole.

  • willdoors

    pirillo is just a consumer, he is not a geek, he doesn’t even know what an “if {} else” is….. he is just a hater! we all know this,…… he is so out of the geek world, that’s why lately he posts his daily videos doing random things not computer related.

  • Windows 8

    This guy chris pirillo is a useless guy, not just coz of this video but I am against his way of talking, body language and behaviour everything combined.
    He is totally negative and thus he speaks ony BS about Microsoft and thus has gained many viewers and earns his money through his ad viewers and video watchers, useless guy !!!

  • TroyGates

    Ctrl-Alt-Del, click icon to shutdown.

  • UsmanMohammad

    The moment chris made a video stating he would not tolerate any negative comments was the time I stopped watching. He complained that if anyone trolled or said anything negative (and believe me even if it was constructive criticism) he would block them, regardless because to him his real fans would do everything he would say: share, like, tweet, +1 his articles. I personally never bothered doing those but it annoyed me when he says he does his videos for his fans that do those things.

    I left a comment that not all negative comments are trolls, they are criticism to the way you present your “show” and that blocking people is just plain censorship, especially on a site that you don’t own.

    So I got blocked and of course saw him for what he is, another Youtube Whore.

    Anything Pirillo does, I don’t take seriously, amount of times he shoe horns google services is ridiculous.

    As for the comments about Leo Laporte, I like Twit. Everyone has a biased no matter what, we’re Microsoft biased.

  • Raygun
  •!/gpowerf G.Power

    I’m not surprised he has done this, he was been against the Windows 8 UI from the start and I think he’ll do more videos and articles trying to prove he is right. Particularly now as some of his views on RT haven’t been particularly well received within his community.

    Personally I think he has some good points, it is just a shame that at times he chooses to express them in his inimitable style. I think he is a smart and savvy industry observer, who has some very valid points when it comes to usability. It is just that it is hard to agree with a guy who unrepentantly chooses to insult everyone who disagrees with him. We all have character flaws, but his are particularly extreme.

  • PulloGorko102

    Chris Pirillo is a fool

  • Gary Roberts

    Chris has an Ox to gore with Microsoft. Some time ago Chris was a Windows aficionado. However, Microsoft wasn’t interested in making Chris an official spoke person for Microsoft and since than Chris has did everything he could to discredit Windows.