Classic Windows 95 Game Hover Brought Back To Life By IE Team

The IE team along with independent developer Dan Church and Pixel Labs have created a web version of the classic Windows 95 game Hover.  The IE team hopes this demostrates the full capabilities of IE11 and creates more possibilities for web developers.

Like the original version, Hover works with a keyboard – but it’s even more exciting with the touch controls we’ve added, especially on a tablet running Windows 8.1. IE11 was designed from the ground up for touch – giving it extremely accurate touch responsiveness and optimization and providing you with a fluid and immersive experience. Its stick to your finger responsiveness makes touch fast and easy to use, making the game even more fun to play!

The game has been updated slightly with some new features

Dan personally built all the game play while taking special care to keep the feel of the original game in the updated version. We worked with him and Pixel Labs to take his vision a step further by adding new features, including additional hovercrafts and support for up to eight players, so you can compete with your friends online.

Source: Exploring IE

  • Mikado_Wu

    This is a Classic game? Never heard of it.
    Now Bring my back, X-Wing and Tie Fighter, then I will get excited.

  • Yuan Taizong

    As much as I hated the commercial, and never heard of the game before, I would really love to try it out, Internet Explorer F.T.W.