Classy As Always, Microsoft Congratulates Sony On Its PS4 Launch

In recent years, Microsoft has had a rich history of being quite friendly to their competitors.  For years now, the IE team has been sending cakes & cupcakes to the Mozilla Firefox team with every major release of their browser.  More recently Microsoft has been extending their services on other platforms such as iOS and Android and ensuring interoperability with other browsers such as Firefox & Chrome.  Early this morning the Xbox team sent out a congratulatory note to Sony via twitter for a successful PS4 launch.

I suspect we will see a similar tweet from Sony next week, when the Xbox One is finally launched.

Xbox Sony


Our friend Tom Warren, jokes about the feelings of fanboys with this act of kindness…

tom warren xbox ps4

Have any of you picked up a PS4? Please share your experience so far in the comments below…

Source: Twitter

  • Rohit Chauhan

    Good guy Microsoft! 😉

  • Smitty

    No PS4, I’m with Cartman!

  • Pedro

    LOL that’s the same lame MS that buried iPhone in a public ceremony a couple of years ago hahaha soo lame. Typical dumb MS LOL hahaha

    • nohone

      I like ice cream, especially rocky road. It is great on a hot summer day.

    • GG002

      The only thing lame here is leaving a comment so we can’t see your previous trollings

  • Nham Thien Duong

    I like how Microsoft is almost always the good guy, let’s be honest, Sony and Microsoft are major partners, the Sony Vaio runs Microsoft Windows, I hope that Sony shall release an exclusive PlayStation app on their devices, corporations aren’t enemies, they’re frenemies, Apple and Microsoft compete in desktops and other P.C. form-factors (like smart-phones and Tablet-P.C. and ”no” I don’t care that Apple calls these things ”Post-P.C. devices”), but a lot of Apple’s technologies is powered by Microsoft’s Bing. Samsung and Sony were both the best Windows Phones (note devices running Windows Mobile are called ”Windows Phones”) besides H.T.C. and during those days Nokia was the only mobile company NOT making Windows Phones (ohhh, the irony).

    Microsoft saved Apple, Microsoft doesn’t just fire large divions after closing them, they’ll integrate them into their other products or outsource them. Bill Gates is practically the king of charities. Company relationships aren’t as simple as they may seem, Microsoft is a major partner of Sony and open-source in a lot of units, consoles are of the few places where they compete. Sony should release exlcusive Walkman, PlayStation and other applicatoins to make their P.C.’s more competitive against H.P., Samsung, Acer, ASUS, Toshiba and others.

  • Marcio Correa

    I think that keeping it friendly is what makes it interesting. Xbox offers features the PS4 doesn’t and vice versa. You can clearly see what companies MSFT plays nice with. Mozilla and Sony might be one of them. On the other hand iPhone started the “I’m a mac and I’m a PC commercials” Msft decided that it could respond to it in like.
    Google is also another company that has shown great opposition to by pointing fingers like stating microsoft copies their search results from the bing bar (when it was also pretty clear that is what google bar did) and of course they have also tried to hit Microsoft in so many other levels. Microsoft in turn has pushed back with campaigns such as Bing Challenge and Scroogled.
    Do I believe that from the three companies, Apple, Google and Microsoft are “innocent”, no. They all have something to win and loose – but I do appreciate the fact Microsoft seems to participate in a lot of charitable events (or seems to more than others based on PR) and the fact that they also engage on friendly public exchanges like these.
    There is rivalry and then there’s this little show we see between the three.
    They are all great companies, with extreme innovation power but the fact there are so many patent wars keeps us from seeing what these companies could really do if they didn’t have to worry about “borrowing” each other’s ideas. Of course I understand that’s mostly how they make money. A good example would have been Nokia would by now be irrelevant if the patents hadn’t help them from dying out. Which by the way I am very happy they have stuck around too! <3