Clumsy Zaggfolio iPad keyboard case shows the genius of the Surface Touch and Type keyboard

There is an increasing impetus to get work done on tablets, and that usually means a keyboard.

The best keyboard/case combination for the iPad is the ZagFolio Keyboard Case, which certainly does the job, but weighs 1.2 pounds and adds nearly an inch of thickness (0.8 inches) to the product.

Comparing this to the 3mm (0.1 inch) thickness of the very effective Surface Touch Cover, and the built-in stand in the very durable Surface,  and one can clearly see which product has been designed for work from the start and which one has been shoe-horned into the role.


No wonder businesses are increasingly planning to move from the iPad to Microsoft Surface products.


  • just

    The design is the same as most of the PCs tablet like Sony, MSI, and Surface. But ours is better especially when compared to Surface which is thinner and beautiful.

  • Lasp24

    its just a surface wannabe, but such a bad attempt at it

  • GG002

    Holy crap that looks flimsy.

  • Andrew Lee

    And you will play Cut the rope with that keyboard

  • Ef Jay

    Now in colour! :)

  • blackhawk556

    if you are going to carry that thing around, you seriously might as well buy a ultra thin ultrabook instead. that makes carrying around a ipad look really bad. oh, and why are people acting like this is a new product? these have been for sale for a while now.

  • g166

    my borther has one and all the keys stop functioning in less of 3 weeks

  • Duel

    Clumsy? Biased much? What i saw was great working product, i would say surface keyboard is very clumsy compared this, you can only you use it top of your table or desk.

    You cant use surface on your lap or bed. What i saw from video this case actually you can use iPad with keyboard for example in bed or lap.

    • Mr.InTernaTionaL

      Actully you can use the Surface in bed. You could either flip the keyboard back with the kickstand open or just get a Typecover..

    • Jeff Bramwell

      Actually, I used the Surface on my lap (using the Touch Cover) all throughout last week during //Build/ – along with several thousand other people. It worked like a champ!

  • techieg

    Nice try but no thanx. Give me a sexy Surface any day.

  • grs_dev

    Did anyone notice the format of the video? It’s screaming Metro! Ooops I mean Modern Windows 8 UI. I don’t know if that was intentional or just a coincindence. If it’s intentional it says that Zagg (which I think is owned by logitech if I am not mistaken) has more than just surface envy.

  • Mark D

    iPad still connects to the mobile network.

    • Mark D

      I would also love to see how the surface performs on my lap. I’m pretty sure that kick stand would hurt after 5 seconds of use.

      iPad: 2, Surface: 1

      • Neo

        Because you got legs like a girl? Grow up.

        • Mark D

          Said Neo. ahahaha

  • Gavin Tom

    The surface is pretty amazing, I find it hard that Microsoft actually made this awesomely cool and very functional device. If i ever meet anyone on the surface design team I will give them a great big hug!