Comedy Central and Nickelodeon Come To The Xbox

Today the Xbox is adding two of the most watched TV brands in the U.S. to Xbox Live: Comedy Central and Nickelodeon, both owned by Viacom.  Xbox Live Gold1 members in the U.S. can now watch stand-up comedy with unlimited access to the CC: Stand-Up library featuring more than 6,000 videos from 700 of the funniest comedians on the planet.  The extensive video library gives you hours of stand-up and highlights some of today’s most popular comedians and up-and-coming talent, including the very best of comedians like Aziz Ansari, Patton Oswalt, Hannibal Buress and many others. And with Kinect for Xbox 360,1 you can use your voice to navigate through the app for non-stop comedy goodness.


Also launching today on Xbox Live is Nickelodeon, making Xbox 360 home to kid-favorite and family-friendly TV shows and characters. Xbox Live Gold members1 in the U.S. can catch full episodes, watch funny videos and catch up on animated shorts from popular stars and characters. With the Nick app2, the whole gang is waiting for you right on your “Xbox 360: SpongeBob,” “Sanjay and Craig,” “Sam and Cat,” the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” and more. 

Source: Xbox Wire

  • Tumultus

    Nice but, again: this is all backwards! I can only make use of this apps if I sign in with my TV proviser ID. What’s the point in having this apps if I have to subscribe to TV anyway?

    • krayziehustler

      Because those channels are not available for free. A solution would be for them to allow you to pay for channels separate from a cable subscription, but I figure that if enough channels choose this route you might end up paying more than just getting cable depending on how much you use.