Coming cheaper touch screen panels to boost Windows 8 in the new year


It is due to the fact that supplies of touch panels are limited that notebooks with touchscreen control features tend to be around $100-$200 more expensive than those without; therefore as a result customers are more inclined to purchase Windows 7 based notebook models in which touchscreen control features are not necessary.

Currently –according to Digitimes Research- touchscreen-based notebooks contributed to 0.5% of total notebook shipments at the end of 2012, however once touch panel supplies increase and become cheaper, the percentage is expected to increase to 10% in 2013.

While Windows 8 works perfectly fine using just a keyboard and a mouse, it does not deliver the new type of experience users expect from our touch-screen driven lifestyle these days.  It is expected that the wide availability of affordable touch screen laptops and tablets will provide the significant boost in sales which have eluded Windows 8 so far.


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  • just

    Touch screen is the way to go with the new Windows 8.

  • surilamin

    Even though this is from digitimes, logic says this is rather reasonable. Supply and demand, economics 101.

  • jimski27

    Those touch screens can’t come soon enough. Just wonder what all these decision makers have been doing the past two years. Too occupied with Angry Birds I suppose.

  • Ammier

    can we get some smaller win 8/rt tabs please?