Compare Windows 8.1 Editions

Along with the information that Volume License (VL) customers, TechNet and MSDN subscribers will be able to access the Windows 8.1 Enterprise RTM, Microsoft posted the following huge table which differentiated the various Windows 8.1 editions that will be available starting October. Windows RT 8.1 is only for OEMs, so you won’t be able to install it on your own. However, you can compare other Windows 8.1 editions to choose the one that suits you.

Feature nameWindows RT 8.1Windows 8.1 EditionWindows 8.1 Pro EditionWindows 8.1 Enterprise Edition
User experience
Apps launch other apps (new)xxxx
Customize multiple tiles at once (new)xxxx
Lock screen photo slide show (new)xxxx
Four tile sizes (new)xxxx
Microsoft account loginxxxx
Multiple instances of same app (new)xxxx
                Open up to four variable sized windows at once (new)xxxx
Optional boot to the desktop/All apps screen/Start screen (new)xxxx
PC Settings improvements (new)xxxx
Portrait mode improvements (new)xxxx
Search powered by Bing (new)xxxx
Set the desktop wallpaper as Start background (new)xxxx
The Start button (new)xxxx
The Start screen and live tilesxxxx
Touch keyboard and thumb keyboardxxxx
Automatic app updates from Windows Store (new)xxxx
Built-in apps (Mail, Calendar, People, and more)ixxxx
Install and run desktop apps (x86/x64)xxx
Internet Explorer 11 (new)xxxx
Microsoft Office Home & Student 2013 RT includediix
Windows Media Playeriiixxx
Windows Storexxxx
Xbox SmartGlassiv with Play To / Play Onxxxx
Devices and peripherals
3D printing support (new)xxxx
Biometric enrollment (new)xxxx
InstantGo vxxxx
MiraCast wireless display support (new)xxxx
Mobile hotspot / Wi-Fi tethering (new)xxxx
Multiple monitor improvements (new)xxxx
Storage Spacesxxx
Wi-Fi Direct wireless printing support (new)xxxx
CPU Sockets1122
Maximum RAM vi4 GB128 GB512 GB512 GB
Mount ISO / VHDsxxxx
Reset and refresh your PCxxxx
Switch languages on the fly (Language Packs) viixxxx
VHD bootxx
Windows Updatexxxx
Assigned access (new)xxx
Client Hyper-Vxx
Device enrollment (new)xxxx
Domain Joinxx
Exchange ActiveSyncxxxx
Group Policyxx
Open MDM support (new)xxxx
Sideloading LOB apps<sold separately ><sold separately >x
Start screen controlviii(new)x
Windows To Go Creatorx
Work folders (new)xxxx
Workplace join (new)xxxx
Binary extension scanningixxxxx
BitLocker and BitLocker To Goxx
Device Encryptionxxxxx
Family Safetyxxxx
Multi-factor authentication for BYOD (new)xxxx
Picture passwordxxxx
Remote business data removal (new)xxxx
Trusted Bootxixxxx
Windows Defenderxiixxxx
Windows SmartScreenxxxx
Built-in VPN clientsxiiixxxx
Remote Desktop (client)xxxx
Remote Desktop (host)xx
VDI enhancementsx

Source: Microsoft

  • DoctorSnyder

    Nice List. Finally shows, how cool RT really is.

  • Yuan Taizong

    I’ve always found the notion of these editions to be interesting, but it’s true that non-professional users generally won’t use the ”pro” features.

    • grs_dev

      I predict that “Pro” edition to be the least popular of the 4 editions that’s of course if Microsoft figures out how to push RT.
      RT is the version of Windows they intend to ship on ARM devices, OK we get it…
      Pro will appeal to a very small portion of the market, specifically those who need more than 128 GB of RAM and for some reason cannot afford to go the Enterprise route.

  • Mark

    I wish the standard on Pro were just one version. I need to buy a cheap laptop for Windows Phone development when I’m traveling which needs Hyper-V for the emulation. But that is only available in the Pro version and it’s not worth the extra money for me to upgrade.

  • grs_dev

    It still doesn’t really explain why the market needs RT and this one shows that “Pro” will also not be needed by the majority of customers.
    Most home/office users will find the plain 8.1 edition more than enough. Unless they plan to restrict certain software from running on the base edition or prevent HW Virtualization from being exposed to guest OSes somehow, why would anyone buy “Pro”?

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