Comparing 3D Graphics Capabilities Of Internet Explorer 9 And Chrome 11

Tomorrow at SXSW,Internet Explorer is going to hit the version 9. One of the main features of this version is the full hardware acceleration. So I decided to compare hardware acceleration and Javascript 3D performance of both IE9 and Chrome 11. image

The IE9 scores over Chrome both in frame rate and no.of polygons by huge margin consistently. The site runs super smooth and fast in IE9 whereas its choppy in Chrome. Another main factor according to me is the CPU resource usage. Though the CPU usage seems to be same in the above video, the CPU usage by IE9 is much more less, I mean by almost half of the Google Chrome usage. You can try it out by yourself to see how both both browsers perform. The site I used for testing is

  • Chinonso

    Well it’s clear that chrome hardware acceleration was a rushed jobs so that they could try and steal MS’s thunder.

  • Brian Jimdar

    Actually, Microsoft has very deep 3D experience internally and long standing personal relationships with NVidia and ATI(/AMD). Google is an advertising company that decided to build a browser. I do not expect to see them catching up for at least a couple of years.

  • ASheridan

    Of course Chrome uses more CPU usage, each tab it opens is a separate process, and half of IE is embedded in the Windos OS, so it already has most of its libraries pre-loaded, meaning there’s no easy way to determine exactly what the CPU requirements for it are.
    I suppose 3D better support is nice, but it doesn’t really make up for the lack of standards support, or that it’s years behind some of the other browsers in support of web technologies.

  • Michael Tompkins

    In my testing on a MacBook Pro 13″ running Chrome 11, I’m averaging about 40 – 50 fps in Chrome.

  • Tech

    The beta version of Chrome 11 has it’s GPU acceleration turned off by default as it’s still in beta testing. This will be enabled automatically in the final version to be released soon. If you download the latest Chrome Beta and type about:flags into the ‘Unified Searchbar’ (which Firefox 4 still doesn’t have) and enable GPU Acceleration and repeat the test, you will find that Chrome 11 whoops IE9 and Firefox 4 in every single benchmark test.

    A good place to start testing is: and start playing with all of the benchmarks on your own PC and make your own mind up?