Compete: Bing Grabs Market Share From Google, Now 34% Share In US


As Microsoft’s search engine Bing gains credibility, Google appears to be suffering the consequences. Compete has found as Google’s search share has dropped 2.6% between July 2011 and 2012 that Bing has seen a 4.2% increase in market share. Fortunately for Microsoft, Bing has become the desired search engine for new platforms such as the new improved Kindle Fire as well as Windows 8 and Windows Phones; meaning that it’s nothing but good news for Microsoft.

Google still dominates approximately 65.7% of the market in comparison to Yahoo with 15.1% and Bing with 19.2%; but to be fair, Google has been active since 1998 and Yahoo in 1994, whereas Bing was only created merely 3 years ago in 2009.  In addition Bing is responsible for Yahoo’s market share as Microsoft has a deal with Yahoo to provide search results for their search engine. 

Hopefully the integration of Bing with Windows 8 will see a further erosion of Google’s market share. 


  • Oliver Mills

    Wow, that’s insane. Over here, in the UK, Bing must have a % share of about 2-3%… everyone uses Google. I have to say, even though I like Microsoft and dislike Google, Google is by far the better search engine…

    • guesttt999

      No way Google is by far the better search engine (at least in the US). After using Bing, never went back to Google again for anything. Besides, Bing rewards you for searching with things like Amazon gift cards, Xbox points, etc. Google just wants to play with your privacy.

      • DannyBoy

        The only problem with Bing is that it doesn’t have autocomplete unless I change my country to the UK.

        • techblogger

          It does have autocomplete in the US. Hopefully where you are, it will get there.

    • Bugbog

      Specious reasoning! If I use that methodology then Bing has about 70% share, as most people in my circle use Bing!

      As far as the phrase “by far” goes? A couple of years back? maybe. Nowadays, not quite!

    • guest
  • Sohit Pal

    that is awesome!!! Seeing that it is hand muscle memory to type in automatically whenever searching anything, it would be really hard to get as far as Microsoft has with Bing! Great Job!

  • techblogger

    I dig Bing. My default search engine of choice.

  • Myclevername

    Bing is not new. Bing is actually the search engine formally known as Live Search, Windows Live Search, and MSN Search It just was given a new name 3 years ago. Also, does this include all searches? Mobile, tablets, desktops and laptops? I would think Google’s portion of mobile search would be HUGE because of Android. Anyone know?
    For the record, I use Bing.

  • pfizerdiamonds

    I am attempting to use Bing more with my searches. It is getting much better, but still has a few bugs. I’ve not really interacted with anyone using the social search bar. Perhaps more is coming when Windows 8 officially drops. I also would like a bit more control over my search parameters like narrowing search dates. Overall, Bing is getting better as I use it. I’m hoping that they continue to refine their search algorithm.

  • Rikkirik Contrera

    This is great news. I assume that the figures of Bing powering the Amazon Kindle are not included in these figures. Also the fact that Google does not power the iphone 5 and the new Ipads is not included in these figures. For the future I would like to see these facts again with new figures that do not include the Amazon Kindle and the Apple products. Google is really losing it’s grip on the Search market. Not only in China where Baidu reigns, but also in the US. Apple goes TomTom, W8 phones going to Nokia, Kindle Fire to Bing, and so the world keeps changing.

    • Matt

      These stats are based off the desktop site only, not mobile stats.

  • Fred

    I try to like bing but it sucks HORRIBLY!

    • Octavio Cortes

      The more I cross reference, the more I see Bing winning for my everyday searches. There are still a few of my searches where Google takes the flag, then again I just recently needed to puchase “Natrum Muriaticum” for my allergies. Don’t belive me?, go ahead and try to buy the stuff yourself.

  • chad

    Started using Bing search about a year ago with Google up in the top right of screen.. Prob. been at least 10 months since I have used Google.. Bimg keeps getting better and faster…