“Computer” Renamed To “This PC” In Windows 8.1; Libraries Deemphasized

Microsoft released Windows Server (“Blue”) to MSDN subscribers late yesterday, ahead of the BUILD (#bldwin) conference later this week in San Francisco. The build provides us a number of clues as to what we will see in the official Windows 8.1 (Blue) preview. The server build number is 9341, the windows 8.1 preview build will be: 6.3.9431.winmain_bluemp.130615-1214.

Back in Windows Vista Microsoft renamed “My Computer” to “Computer.”  Now Microsoft is renaming “Computer” to “This PC.”  Libraries are now hidden by default and more integrated into the UI. If you want them displayed as before, right-click in the blank space


Source: Microsoft-News

Image Credit: Robert McLaws

  • Тарас Буря

    So what?

  • Massimo Buongiorno

    that’s stupid: libraries are one of the most interesting (and used) things in windows!!

    • cybersaurusrex

      They’re not getting rid of them. They’re just not putting them front & center because most people don’t use them & are confused by them.

      • Massimo Buongiorno

        IMHO they should push people to understand what a “library” is – for example adding an “add to xx library” in the contextual menu for every file or explaining the concept when you first boot the pc – instead of hiding them in other sub-menus (for me it’s the same, i will use them anyway, but, as you say, most people don’t even know they are there)…

        • Otto Gunter

          Don’t want to see “explaining the concept when you first boot the pc”. I can only imagine the uproar from the Apple lovers, they can’t handle much beyond their icons-only UI. Most of the complaints about Win8 are from people too lazy to rtfm, so that would not help imho!

    • http://gregsedwards.wordpress.com/ Greg Edwards

      Libraries is an innovative and evolutionary concept, but I think it tends to complicate things from an average end user perspective. You get four standard libraries in Windows 7/8: Documents, Music, Pictures, and Videos. The concept is that I can store things in physical folders on the local computer wherever I want, and then just add those folders to the appropriate library to aggregate them. So if I have some tunes in on the Desktop in a folder called Sir Mix-a-lot, then I can just add that folder to my Music library, and those tunes show up with all my others in one consolidated view.

      Most people are either so meticulous about their file structure that they carefully curate where everything goes, or they’re so lazy that they just store everything in the default folder that pops up (or on the desktop for that matter). For example, people store their pictures and videos in the same place nowadays and tend to create folders/albums for them around events (e.g., Billy’s 5th Birthday). Libraries don’t really filter to a particular subset of files (i.e., putting a hodgepodge folder into the Pictures library doesn’t just index the pictures), so in that scenario I now have a bunch of videos in my Pictures library and vice versa. To use libraries, I have to keep Billy’s birthday videos and Billy’s birthday pictures in separate folders. Who stores files like this? Nobody. It’s too much overhead.

      The one point of libraries that I thought had some potential is to maybe consolidate various network locations. However, you can’t add a network location to a library unless it’s indexed, which in turn, replicates all the crap in that location down to your local storage. Forget about it.

      With a big push toward cloud storage in Windows 8.1, I think Microsoft is going to encourage people to worry less about folder structure and start to rely more on search to find what they need.

      • freetail

        All excellent points and well made. Agree with all. But it’s not just third party cloud computing services we use, but also personal clouds that we create from our own home network (NAS Drives).
        With shrinking hardrives (due to SSD taking over from HDD) on newer ultra PCs (ahem, Computers) NAS storage is being used more and more.
        Libraries aren’t supported and are quite frankly, defunct. Do hope no more reliance on this W7 relic in W8.1. Perhaps it’s the indexing that should take place in the cloud rather than the storage of files per se?

  • cybersaurusrex

    They should’ve stuck with “Computer.” I’m not sure some people (like my mom) know that “PC” is another name for “Computer.”

  • http://www.martinspierings.nl Martin Spierings

    I don’t mind having the libraries and the favorites, i just want to get rid of the user folder (which contains most of the libraries anyways).

  • ImaPC

    You got it wrong screen shot clearly show “This PC” not “The PC”

  • Prashant

    Can rename anyways…
    what’s the point…?

    • django

      or is it just a fake screenshot,,, renamed !

  • farminz93

    It is possible to get the libraries back! In file explorer, on the left menu, right click and press Show Libraries. This sets it back to how it was before in windows 8.0! I was getting really angry before I saw this :)

  • Travis Nowicki

    What’s next, “Your computer”?