“Computer” Renamed To “This PC” In Windows 8.1; Libraries Deemphasized

Microsoft released Windows Server (“Blue”) to MSDN subscribers late yesterday, ahead of the BUILD (#bldwin) conference later this week in San Francisco. The build provides us a number of clues as to what we will see in the official Windows 8.1 (Blue) preview. The server build number is 9341, the windows 8.1 preview build will be: 6.3.9431.winmain_bluemp.130615-1214.

Back in Windows Vista Microsoft renamed “My Computer” to “Computer.”¬† Now Microsoft is renaming “Computer” to “This PC.” ¬†Libraries are now hidden by default and more integrated into the UI. If you want them displayed as before, right-click in the blank space


Source: Microsoft-News

Image Credit: Robert McLaws