Computex: Acer Aspire S7 series is the touch screen ultra-book we have all been waiting for


TAIPEI, TAIWAN (June 4, 2012) – Acer today introduces its newest premium Windows® 8 Ultrabook™ devices – the Aspire S7 Series – at Computex Taipei. Available in two sizes, 13.3-inch and 11.6-inch, these are the thinnest and smallest, respectively, Full HD touch Ultrabooks™. Both feature a sleek aluminum metallic unibody design and provide a more engrossing computing experience. The larger model additionally sports a glossy, sculpted glass cover, delivering a trendy and elegant appearance.

With the aluminum unibody design, the S7 Ultrabooks™ are exceptionally slim and light, yet durable enough to handle the rigors of everyday use. The 13.3-inch model offers up to 12 hours of battery life, while the 11.6-inch model can run for up to 9 hours, to ensure a full day of on-demand productivity and media consumption from a single charge. To make the best of the powerful performance components, Acer designed its innovative Acer Twin Air cooling system to produce efficient cooling and deliver the best thermal comfort.

Acer’s S7 Series also features a light-sensing keyboard, which automatically detects changes in lighting conditions and adjusts the keyboard backlight brightness.

The new S7 range are singular ultra-mobile devices that blend performance, aesthetics and user-friendliness, giving modern day explorers the most complete and satisfying computing experience.



  • Anonymous

    I might be going back to acer…

  • Rikkirik

    The competition is on.

  • Anonymous

    Spec’s are nice and all, but it looks too similar to an Air, which just makes it look like a cheap knock-off. Some colours would be nice.

    • sammy summers

      Who gives a crap if it looks similar to the MacAir…We can say that the MacAir looks like other laptops. This is way better than the Air!

      • Anonymous

        Sorry I’m a designer and pick up these aspects. Alot of people think like me so who gives a crap? Surprisingly alot.

    • Vincent Haakmat

      “Specs are nice and all” ??? Are you kidding me? What the heck you think we’re looking at? If it has a screen, keyboard and is thin, oh, then it must be a MacBook Air. Never mind the processor or TOUCH Display or battery life. I wonder if you’ll say the same if the next MacBook Air has a Touch Display.. Oh.. It looks like an Asus, No an Acer, No a Lenovo, No.. err… Never mind, I give up, the PC won…

      • Anonymous

        What the heck is you’re problem? Do you actually think the whole world must think like you? Obviously because you seem to find it hard to accept that someone actually thinks like me. I find it looks too similar to the air (more color or different material like the Samsung series 9 would e been better imo) so deal with it. Btw I AM NOT AN APPLE FAN, just a designer expressing my opinion.

        • Rash

          Actually, you’re the one acting like a dickhead. Mr-I-Installed-photoshop-and-made-a-squiggle-on-the-canvas-so-I-must-now-be-a-designer.

          Shut your trap.

          • Anonymous

            Actually, Mr-I-have-to-say-something-for-the-sake-of-saying-something-cus-i’m-trying-to-get-on-the-goodsides-of-some-people-in-this-board-and-get-more-likes-rather-than-accepting-others-opinions…

            Stop your sucking up!

      • Anonymous

        Well put. Acer is number 1 or number 2 in the world of PC manufacturers isn’t it?

        These devices will sell like hot cakes.

        Apple is going to start getting a little less “special”

        They will still sell oodles of their overpriced stuff but now the playing ground is beginning to level out and people will question the cost differential and benefits as there is a real alternative.

        It will be interesting to see how it hits Apples figures as I am sure this sort of move will not allow them to grow as astronimically as they have to date.

    • JR

      …I for one, prefer monochromatic color options for a laptop: white, grey or black. I am happy with how it looks. To be honest, I prefer this laptop to a Macbook Air. Sure, it’s thin, has a backlit keyboard and a screen, but it doesn’t mean they were trying to make it look like a cheap knock-off. I bet they were trying (and successfully) to come up with something better than the Air and I personally think they succeeded.

      I am also a graphic designer and I also pick up on similarities between products. But that doesn’t mean I automatically classify the newer thing as a cheap knock-off. I’d give it a chance.

  • Anonymous

    ..and so the real battle begins. At last some competition and innovation.

  • Vincent Haakmat

    Shut up and take my money!!

  • Saifulbuble

     i like it……..

  • Guli

    it must have…

  • Gaztronomical

    Guys, i am really shocked at your immaturity regarding Deodorant’s comment about the design.
    If your truthful then you know that this laptop has gone as close as it can to looking like a mac Air without infringing patents. The machine looks nice as it is but in design terms  it is a bit of a cheap copy lets be honest.
    And a touch display on a laptop?….that’s a gimmick, not a great idea.
    Be honest instead of attacking someone for making a correct observation…he was not saying the machine is crap.

  • Jdavid

    Maybe it’s because people are tired of hearing that criticism of any ultrabook is a rip off, as though Macintosh invented the wheel or something. The design is distinctive with the white and glass casing. So the only “rip off” is the dimensions. That’s ridiculous. I’m not sure how I’d use the touchscreen yet, but I’m sure I’ll appreciate it for certain things. You hold the laptop length-wise like a book in your hands and read/highlight text or watch media.

    My only beef is that the keyboard should be bigger and more user friendly with the touchpad smaller. If you have a touchscreen, why such a big touchpad?

    • Gaztronomical


      Thank you for your polite conversation.
      I think sometimes people get caught up in pc v’s apple which is a shame.
      Steve Jobs once said, for Apple to be successful, it does not have to beat Microsoft and i think this has always been true in how they make and price their goods. The Acer laptop will be deemed successful on whether it integrates well with windows 8 and whether windows 8 is any good. A company can make it’s laptop cover as many areas as possible but that wont necessarily make it good. When apple settled on the grey
      finish and had success with macbook/air i did notice that makers of windows laptops started producing a fair amount of grey finish machines.
      The Air’s overall shape and the keyboard/touchpad layout is very distinctive and looking at the Acer, it’s very close.
      For myself my macbook air runs flawlessly and the money i paid for it has been a worthy investment.
      People say that the air is expensive but it’s not really if you consider that ultrabooks are coming in at about the same or more in most cases so it’s always going to be down to the individuals taste. I have spent many years using windows and i got the chance through a friend to use a mac mini for 3 weeks and i have mainly switched to mac now as the performance of osx matched with apple’s hardware for me makes using a computer a whole lot more enjoyable.
      I believe Apple’s success with it’s hardware has made other company’s look at the situation and as with all success story’s, others look to take ideas from it and include it in their own.
      The designer mentioning it looked a bit like an air was not criticizing but fairly giving a personal opinion and i just find it amusing that people got so defensive.

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