comScore: Bing Gains Over Google In December Search Market Share

comScore released its monthly comScore qSearch analysis of the U.S. search marketplace few days back. In December, 69.1% of searches carried results from Google, while 25.6% of searches were powered by Bing. It is important to note that Bing powered searches were up 0.2% percentage points. Of the total 17.6 billion core searches in December, Google dominated with 11.8 billion and Microsoft came second with 2.9 billion searches, and Yahoo! came third with 2.2 billion searches.

Source: Comscore


  • blackhawk556

    slowly but surely Bing is catching up. Three years ago, I didn’t think Bing would be at 16% .

  • Guest

    The reason why Bing is still this bad in stats is because it’s very bad in any other language than english. A lot of europian countries, except UK, it’s still in BETA. And the beta version blows compared to the one used in US and so on.
    So it’s hard for europeans to go away from Google, simply because Bing is very bad in a lot of countries…

    • Avatar Roku

      These are US stats only.

  • Manolopoulos Apostolos

    Bing search is amazing guys.