comScore: Microsoft Sites At No.3 Rank In Top 50 Web Properties In The US

ComScore Top 50 Web Properties
Microsoft is often labelled as a packaged software vendor to Enterprises and OEMs in the media. They are largely ignored as an owner of various web properties that come in most visited lists. comScore recently released their monthly ranking of U.S. desktop web activity at the top online properties for December 2013 based on data from the comScore Media Metrix service. Yahoo Sites came at top in the Top 50 Properties (Desktop Only) with over 195 million unique visitors followed by Google at No.2 with 192 million unique visitors.

Microsoft came at No.3 position with 175 million unique visitors. Microsoft’s web properties includes MSN web portal, Bing search engine, Outlook/Hotmail, Skype and other official websites like,, etc. To put Microsoft numbers in comparison, Facebook and AOL which are primarily web companies trails behind Microsoft in this list.

Source: comScore

  • Nham Thien Duong

    A.O.L. is #5 O.M.G.
    America is still with them, I never understood how they could still be running, I go to A.O.L. sites around twice a month and I see absolutely nothing of quality, always hoping that they’ll update something.

    • Bugbog

      I don’t think I’ve been back to AOL since the days they were THE major portal to web, which was like in 1999!

      • Johan Spånberg

        I visit daily.

        • Bugbog

          I’m thinking more in terms of the landing page.

          • Johan Spånberg


    • DW is good.

  • cybersaurusrex

    Surprised to see AOL so high… but then… I’m surprised to see Yahoo at #2 as well…

  • 5tees

    Facebook is one site…while Microsoft is all of their sites combined…Yahoo sites are now number one because they bought Tumblr…I don’t even have to mention Google who has like a gazillion sites…AOL surprisingly still have alot of old email accounts that people hold on to because they don’t want to change.