Customize Your Very Own Touchscreen Gestures On Your Windows 8 Device Using TouchMe Gesture Studio, It’s Awesome

TouchMe Gesture Studio allows you to customize your very own Touchscreen gestures on your Windows 8 touch devices like Surface Pro, Dell Venue, etc. You can export your gesture file and use it with any gesture engine you like. Choose from over 30 gestures, roam your gestures between all your devices. You can even mimic keyboard shortcuts, change volume, switch between apps, and more using gestures.

Touchscreens have improved the way we all interact with our computers! By using TouchMe Gesture Studio, you can create, edit, and export custom gesture files to take things one step further!

Gestures available include:
• 2/3/4/5 Finger Swipe up/down/left/right
• 3/4/5 Finger Pinch in/out
• 2/3/4/5 Finger TipTap left/right

Actions currently available:
• Show/Hide Touch Keyboard
• Increase/Decrease Volume
• Increase/Decrease Brightness
• Open/Close/Switch Browser Tabs
• Show the TaskBar
• Sleep, hibernate, Sign Out, Lock, Shut down, and Restart
• Mimic Keyboard Shortcut (note: some system shortcuts like ALT+TAB or CTRL+ALT+DELETE or WIN+D cannot be automated in Windows 8.1 =[ )
• Etc…

TouchMe Gesture Studio

Download it here from Windows Store for free.

  • Tahir Malik


  • Chakkra

    If they include new gestures to be added by the user.. it will be too good :-)

    • elpadr1no

      That’s the whole point of the video. It’s an invitation for you to get creative and invent new gestures to control your PC, the way you want.

      • 9/10

        No, you don’t create the gestures I don’t think, you choose from the gestures (eg 4 finger swipe up, 2 finger rotate, etc) and then tell the computer what to do with those, but you can’t actually create your own gestures with this.

  • NegLewis

    A Touch OS without this feature build in it’s kind of … dump.
    SO.. as MS allow users to add HotKeys combinations… same it should be with mouse gestures and touch gestures.

  • KelvBlue

    This is WTFPWN all the touch devices out there.

    • Yashar Bahman

      Is that good thing?

  • Prayaas

    Looks like it uses Win32 or .NET desktop. Too bad that won’t work on Surface. But it still rocks. 😀