Dassault Systemes Uses Microsoft Kinect To Creat Stunning Visual Effect

We have seen many Kinect implementations in the past other than gaming. In most of those cases, results were impressive. Developers were able to take advantage of great Kinect hardware and SDK to realize their thoughts. In the above video, Dassault Systemes made use of Kinect for Windows to create a great visual scene. Watch the video above.

The Parisian contemporary ballet Mr. & Mrs. Dream includes Kinect sensors placed above the stage to follow the performers movements and create a stunning visual effect. Not only does it make the stage environment portable, it delivers a totally new art form.

via: Next at Microsoft

  • Emily the Strange

    its always good to see people creating apps and stuff with kinect for windows.

    on siggraph Lightwave group announced a plugin for lightwave called NevronMotion, which is a plugin for motion capture and retargeting, and it supports kinect! and its very cool and easy. I cant wait to see what companies do with kinect 2 for windows, since its a massive upgrade over kinect 1.

  • Mark Matheson

    Last couple of minutes look like they are alpha testing a holodeck!