Deal Alert! Xbox 360 12 Month Live Gold Membership for $34.99


If you’re looking to renew your Xbox Live membership, look no further than Amazon or BestBuy, where you can buy a $59.99 Xbox 360 12 month live gold membership for almost 60% cheaper. 

If you have an existing membership, you can top it up with this deal too, meaning you can save $25 on Xbox goods in 2013!  Has anybody else seen great promotions they want to share?


  • GGlazer

    Is this a US thing? I don’t see any sales at Best Buy Canada.

  • Ocelotty1

    I think this is a classic loss leader – get people on board then, even if you only keep 70% when renewal comes you get full price moving forward, not to mention all the monetizing options secreted throughout XBox Live which is their real bread & butter

  • Rob Holden

    Might want to double check your math… $25 off $60 would be about a 40% discount not 60…

  • CoachBill

    Price of just $249. In some ways, it’s a great little machine. It’s lightweight and extremely portable(2.4lbs).
    The machine is ideally suited to someone who uses Google services(Google Doc’s, GMail).
    Generous number of ports, especially for this price: two USB ports and an HDMI port along with a SD card slot. For storage, you get a 16 GB solid state drive and 100 GB of Google Drive cloud storage.
    There is a local file management tool and a photo viewing tool, as well where you can save screen captures, photos or videos you took with the unit’s front-facing camera, or copy content to the Chromebook using the USB ports or the SD card slot.
    The screen resolution is adequate, although it’s not terribly sharp and you can get tired of looking at it for a long time.
    Using a Chromebook and Chrome OS, the operating system that runs it, you are committing to work almost exclusively (with limited exceptions) in the browser.
    Cheap track pad, which requires work to make it move the way you want. It lacks precision and it is difficult to make it do fine movements. Scrolling fatigue when used for an extended period of time.
    Cheap plastic case that feels like you could snap it in half.
    Keyboard is also plastic.
    The screen resolution is adequate, although it’s not terribly sharp and you can get tired of looking at it for a long time.
    Battery life was around 5 hours.
    Even when the Chromebook is closed and at rest, it sucks battery, so if left for a day unattended the battery would burned down even though not being used.
    Lacks zip even when running on broadband WiFi. Selecting a tab with a running app and displays a white screen for a period of time before finally displaying. Often refreshes open apps like GMail for no apparent reason.
    With Google Docs, you can access and make changes to your documents and the changes are saved the next time you connect. I found I could create a new document offline, but not other document types such as a spreadsheet or presentation.
    No way to load third-party programs locally.