Deal Altert: All Windows 8 Devices $100 off at Staples (US only)


US office supply and electronics store Staples discounting all Windows 8 tablets and Win8 touch screen PCs $100.  Theoretically, you can get a SurfaceRT for only $399!  Valid in store, online, or over the phone until May 27th.  For those of you looking to buy an 8 inch device, you may want to hold off purchasing anything for another month.

Source: Staples


  • ustudio

    all that means is the haswell and new amd chip are ready, their selling the old to make way for the new stuff, faster, better graphics, better battery time, and less heat even fanless chips, thinner, lighter, better gaming etc, and even lower prices to

    • Bugbog

      Err..could be it’s because it’s a Bank holiday?


    When I go to, it shows that it excludes Windows RT devices.