Deal: Amazon And Walmart Now Selling Many Xbox One Games For $49

For those who got their new Xbox One units few days back, there is a deal going on at Amazon and Walmart for games. Instead of the regular price of $59, most of the Xbox One games are now available for $49.  Call of Duty, Ryse, FIFA 14 and more popular titles are now available under this deal.

Did you try any games on Xbox One? What was your experience?

Check out the deals here from Amazon and Walmart.

  • Andreas Luebbers

    I got my X1 and love it. Ryse its absolutely amazing! And in my opinion it shows the power the next generation consoles. Call of Duty: Ghosts is also very cool. I like the beginning where everything explodes and the new feedback in the gamepads make it feel reel for me. Forza cars are now very amazing, but the first courses I could drive are not so fascinating as in Forza Horizon on XBOX360. FIFA 14 is very good to control, but the Faces looks like on XBOX 360. The moves, clothes and crowd in the stadiums are very good animated. I like the slow motion replays. Assasin Creed makes fun, but the graphic could be better. I am missing real Kinect 2 games, currently only a demo for Kinect Sports is downloadable. The Demo is Jet-Ski and is very cool, if the other Mini Games are as perfect as the Demo than this will be very nice.
    Putting all together: Ryse is a must have for me