Deal: Microsoft Surface – 64GB With Black Touch Cover For $329


Microsoft Surface

If you are looking for a cheap 10-inch tablet that will also serve you for your productivity, here is the answer. The first generation Microsoft Surface 64GB model with Black Touch Cover is now available for just $329 from Microsoft Store. This is a 2 day sale from Microsoft Store. That’s $30 off of current discounted price – but a whopping $170 savings from original price of $499! Offer is valid now through Wednesday, 4/23, end of day 11:59 pm PST.

Place the order for Microsoft Surface 64gb with black Touch Cover for on Microsoft Store for $359, use the Promo code AFF2DAY at checkout for the $329 deal price.

You can order Surface 64GB Surface for $329 here.

  • NGM123

    Bought my original 32GB Surface for $220, added another 32GB for $23, bought a cyan touch cover for $68, all up $311 and couldn’t he happier.
    For $329 this is a rip snorting bargain for someone who wants a supreme quality tablet that will do all most everything with the beautiful W8 touch UI.
    Office installed and ready to go, if your on the sidelines, jump in, nothing better on the market at this price.

  • counterblow

    this isn’t really a deal. I’ve seen these cheaper with and without cover.

    • Prayaas

      With cover actually increases the value, doesn’t it? :

  • joe_easton3

    Any deals on the Surface 2? I am looking to buy one this week

  • redtidal

    Clearance no doubt. I am surprised to see the stock for original Surface seems endless.

    With Surface still on the shelf, MS won’t be able to make a lot of room for Surface 2 in terms of pricing.

    Could just donate them to schools (or sell at steep discount). And starting discount promotion for new model.

    • Prayaas

      This is the real reason behind that $900 million thing. They so overbuilt the Surface RTs.

  • PoohGQ

    Original price = $499 + $119 (touch keyboard)= $618. That actual savings is $289 off the original suggested retail price..