Dell Announces New 8-inch Windows 8.1 Device, Brings Back “Venue” Brand

Dell Venue Windows 8.1 8-inch display

At Intel Developer Forum, Dell announced that it is working on a new Windows 8.1 device which will have 8-inch display. The device will run on Intel’s new Atom Z3000 BayTrail chip. Another interesting news is that, Dell is bringing back the “Venue” brand with this tablet. Dell first came up with this Venue brand with their Dell Venue Pro Windows Phone device which failed to make mark in the market.

via: Anandtech

  • MrJukes

    I look forward to more details.

  • Yuan Taizong

    I look forward to more devices this size, and smaller, I’d like to have a more portable device with the capabilities of a full-Desktop-P.C.

  • Joe_HTH

    I hope it’s better than that POS Acer released.

  • NegLewis

    When Dell venue Pro appeared it was the most beautifull smart phone ever. Like Lumia is now.
    Nokia didn’t give up. Dell did and is paying the price.

    • donzebe

      Yes, Dell venue pro was so beautifull a phone, i wonder why dell gave up so easily, it would have done better with WP8.

      • newmi

        It had a huge number of hardware and software issues.

        • donzebe

          They could have given it a second chance and work on the issues.

  • donzebe

    Nice to see so many windows 8 inch tabs poping up. hope prices are around or below Toshiba $329 and with similar or better specs.

  • Dijkstra

    Why everybody puts Intel with full Windows into those tablets! People will regret the choice where it start to slow down after filling with crap software. Windows RT is much better for tablet and their users. Yes, I know! You will try to convince me, that peope need to run desktop apps! Do they, really? Do they run desktop apps on Ipads, and on Android tablets?

    • neva

      People don’t run desktop apps in iPads and Android tablets. That’s why Windows 8 is better than iOS and Android. You don’t need to compromise to desktop or tablet apps with a Tablet running Windows 8 but you do with a tablet running Windows RT.

    • NegLewis

      MS needs to split the “HDD” into many special zones:Swap, OS, OS related files, installed services, installed apps, user files, crap(90%). When a file is fragmented it should be automatically defrag. No “kernel” or OS file should be rewrite, but a new version should be created in the user OS zone. If I want to reset the OS … I should be able to do it.

      • kalval

        These tablets should all have storage that doesn’t need defragging. Defragging is really only useful on a mechanical hard disk.
        I agree though, it would be nice to be able to manually reset just the OS or just your files. I have found though that windows 8 is pretty good in this area, it doesn’t slow down unless you install a lot of programs that run at start up.