Dell Confirms That Windows 8 Apps Can Run On Xbox One?

Xbox One Windows 8 Apps

Even though Microsoft has talked about literally everything on Xbox One, from its design decisions to marketing stuff, we are yet to know about the apps running on Xbox One. Xbox One is a powerful gaming PC that runs 3 operating systems simultaneously. One of these operating systems is based on the Windows NT kernel and will help runs apps such as Netflix, Skype, YouTube, Twitter, etc.  The second is dedicated solely to games.  The third is the OS is the most important and allows the other two OSes to communicate with each other and it also allows for the fast switching between game mode and app mode. The will give Xbox user the benefit of being able to instantly switch between apps.

Even though game developers can now submit their games to Xbox Store, Microsoft has not yet detailed the apps submission process. What kind of apps can Xbox One run? Can any 3rd party developer submit to apps to Xbox One store just like Windows Store? There were reports that Xbox One can run Windows 8 apps since they share same core and developer environment.

Dell has listed Xbox One on their website and it has revealed that Xbox One will be able to run all your Windows 8 apps. Check the wording below,

Consider the game officially changed. With all  your favorite Windows 8 apps able to be run on and synced to your Xbox One, now your phone, desktop, tablet and TV can all give you a unified web and entertainment experience.

What do you think? I think Microsoft should open up the Xbox One app environment before Apple does with its Apple TV.

via: Neowin Source: Dell

  • Layne-Elda

    Seems pretty fucking reliable to me! If this is true than it’s a big win for MS and all they have to do now is finish the shutdown of GFWL, and reintroduce a Xbox Live in the next major update to Windows 8, with a game store comparative to Steam. Imagine being able to purchase a game on the Xbox Live store and be able to use it on PC and Xbox One. O_o Possibly cost $80 for AAA titles instead of $60 but be worth it.

  • Yessssss!!!!

    Now do it the other way around!
    Forza 5 on Win 8.X!!!!!!!

  • DJB

    If the xbox one could run xbmc :) be amazing to see the best media centre out there return to its roots

  • toph36

    If not day 1, this is of course going to be possible at some point.

  • Libor Kubin

    i got erection.

  • jaylyric

    Will be great.. What I don’t understand for the life of me though is Microsoft’s timing. I would think you would want to let this out of the bag and lure in more developers,which would not only help Xbox One,but Windows 8 devices and Windows Phone devices as well. MS always gives the competition time to steal and reveal things before they do. Just put it out there already! Assuming that it both works and is true of course…

  • Rico Alexander

    Tom Warren from the verge says this isn’t accurate.

    • NegLewis

      The Verge, Engadget, AOL… can you see it? Now you don’t.

  • Haymo

    The possibilities O.O
    Microsoft has talked about how they want your Xbox to be the center of your home entertainment and they also touched on home automation. With the app environment this could be here soon. What if soon we will be able to install multiple microphones around the house and speakers and say “Cortana, dim the kitchen lights” BOOM! That is of course once Cortana come out, which is supposed to be your assistant on every device.
    Microsoft has clearly put the infrastructure in place for this with the Xbox One and the one screen vision. I always say that yes the PS4 has won because of their game messaging, but that is going to be short term. The Xbox One is the long term winner.

  • NegLewis

    My wife wants something that just work.
    She doesn’t need to change User Account Settings to use Skype or SkyDrive, Enable or Disable Services or clean the registry or install some codecs. (Windows 8, 7–)
    Me ether.
    I just want to open a site and not be bothered to install for 5-10 minutes lots of junk software.
    I want all my services to be pre-installed or ready to be used on demand.

    MS needs to work on ONLY ONE OS.
    Just one!
    And one responsive A.I. Interface. With all the settings on “<10ms Auto-Discovery".

    If XBox will do this job, I WILL buy one big screen TV, XBox One, another 2 phones and 2 tablets and 2 laptops ++.

    After 10+ hours of coding, the last thing I need to do is to fix or install software.

    • nohone

      1) What user account settings do you need to change to use Skype or SkyDrive?
      2) What registry settings do you need to clean, and what codecs do you need to install?
      3) What web sites require 10 minutes to install software?
      1) None. You log into your account, and it starts working. With Win8.1, you don’t even need to install anything, they are in the box, and configured automatically during setup.
      2) None. Unless you are using a non standard format, like the long ago abandoned MJPEG or Google’s non-standard proprietary video format that nobody uses and everybody hates, the formats for standards based video are in the box with Win8/8.1.
      3) If a web site requires installing any plugins to work, then that is a good indication to avoid that web site. And the thing is, the only browser that does not require you to install a plug-in to play flash, the only possible plug-in that may be necessary, is IE 10/11. All other browsers require flash to be installed, and manually upgraded for fixes. IE 10/11 has it by default, and will automatically update without user intervention.