Dell Has So Far Only Sold “Hundreds Of Thousands” Of Its Windows 8 Tablets

Dell XPS 10 Windows RT Tablet

In an interview to Guardian, Sam Burd, Dell’s global vice-president of personal computing revealed that Dell has so far only sold “hundreds of thousands” of its XPS-10 and Latitude 10 tablets Windows 8 tablets. As sales of tablets and “hybrid” devices like Microsoft’s Surface are expected to outsell laptops this year, Dell is yet to find a hero device that sells well.

He also revealed that Windows 8 on tablets had not done well so far with the large companies as businesses are slow to adopt a new operating system. But he said that Windows 8 situation is improving, “I think that’s pretty exciting when we look at the ramp [in purchasing] that we expect from corporate customers.”

“But tablets really need Windows 8 to sell well. Still, it is encouraging to see some businesses deploying Windows 8 and tablets. It’s going to take some time, and the jury is still out. IDC’s numbers says that Windows 8 on tablets is still far smaller than the iPad, but there are successes. Maybe in a few years when we get to Windows 8 tablets being a third or 40% of tablet volume we can feel it’s happening. Tablets are definitely an important piece of the computing business.”

He also expects Windows being a third or 40% of tablet shipment numbers. Read more on his interview in the link below.

Source: Guardian

  • Njoi Fontes

    its not going to take “a few years” for windows 8 tablets to hit 40 % of the market lol. By the end of 2014 I predict there will be more windows 8 tablets out there than ipads, especially if you take hybrid devices like the surface pro. The ipad is doomed to be the minority just like mac’s, it just does not know it yet.

    • Duel

      2014? You have no clue how many iPads are out there already, right?

      After this year number is near 200 million.

      2014 its near 300 million.

      And so far there is, hmm under 4 million windows 8 tables sold?

      So according to you windows 8 tablets are going to sell around 295 million before 2015.


      Also sorry but the hybrids are doomed before iPad, hybrids arent real threath for tablets. They are way too expensive to be any threath for iPads, it has seen already.

      You dont follow the mobile world very often, right? Because what you just said doesnt make absolutely any sense,

      • nohone

        How many of those 200 million are actually in use? Apple likes to talk about how many devices they sold, but we never hear about how many are sitting in a drawer not being used because one person bought one, then the next year bought the incremental update, then the next year… We never hear about how many were discarded because of broken, fragile screens.

        I am one of those people, I bought the original iPad and had it delivered on the first day they were available. A few years later, I bought the iPad 3. The iPad 1 is in my junk parts storage, along with a my old WiFi G routers, my old Casio Pocket PC, and other various devices. The iPad 3 is only used in the bathroom for reading material, don’t want my Surface RT in there.
        If we were to use your way of calculating numbers, there would be billions and billions of PCs in use, going back to the old MS-DOS days, and the number of Apple computers sold in total would be a simple rounding error. Yes, there are a lot of iOS devices out there, but if you think that there are 200 million actually in use, you are very mistaken.

        • Duel

          Who cares? 😀 the devices are still out there. This same what you said apply for every company and every products.

          “Yes, there are a lot of iOS devices out there, but if you think that there are 200 million actually in use, you are very mistaken.”

          Its easily over 200 million, apple have sold 600 million iOS devices so far, and there’s 300 million activated iCloud accounts, so the real number is much bigger, i think theres still a lot iOS users who doesnt use iCloud. I think the real number devices actually in use is something like 400 million.

          • nohone

            OK, if we want to use that metric, then it makes Apple’s attempt to create a real desktop/laptop computer even more pathetic. And with their shrinking market share in mobile devices with them being outnumbered by Android devices, Apple is in a bit of trouble.

          • Duel

            If you say so… 😀

          • Agosto Nuñez

            true, before the iPod was most popular, the Walkman was the most popular portable media player, the Walkman holds an even smaller marketshare now than the Samsung Galaxy Player.

            The Zune had a 10% at its height, so Apple can soon see its shares drop, on long term certainly, but at present iDevices (as the BlackBerries before it) hold the largest market share.

            When comparing they always use the iPhone and iPad, but Android is the real enemy, when BlackBerry reigned, Symbian held a 70% market-share.

          • Alfred Soyemi

            So, if there are about 400 million iOS devices out there and according to you, Apple sold about 145 million iOS devices in the last 6 months (your half year reference). In essence, Apple sold 36.25% of its supposedly out there iOS devices in the last 6 Months.

            I would like to have a sip of what ever iCoolaid you are drinking. Apple lost share value from $700 to currently ~$420 (about 40%) in less than a year. Its stock was $703.99 September 19, 2012 (The highest in last 12 months) Immediately after, it has been in linear slopes since to $427.61

            url to data: (“{“zRange”:”6″,”startDate”:”2012-7-12″,”endDate”:”2013-7-12″,”chartStyle”:”mountain”,”chartCursor”:”1″,”scaleType”:”0″,”yaxisAlign”:”right”,”mode”:”pan”}”)

            today as of this writing. So, Tell me Yoda; how do you sell 145 million iOS devices in last 6 months (Covers 2 quarters of financial reporting) and loose 40% of investors’ values within the last 10 Months?

  • Mark Matheson

    I’m not surprised at the numbers. I was hoping to see a touchscreen laptop with decent power like an XPS 15 not some low powered alternative to an iPad. The only other option is to go huge with 18 or 24 inch touchscreens.

    And what about Alienware? poor to not see them offer a touchscreen too.

    I’m not after touch for gaming just many of the other functions and products on my computer. Sometimes when I am on the move, it’s too much hassle to untangle a mouse and touchpads are only just adequate – touchscreen would be perfect.
    Some other brands are getting the message now, why aren’t Dell?

  • JReuben1

    I’d really like to be able to purchase a modern laptop from an outlet without Win8 pre-installed.

  • Rikkirik

    There are 1.5 Billion PC’s out there. W8 was too early in the development cycle because W7 was still inthe adoption fase. With the economic crisis on hand businesses are a little slow to adopt a new operating system. But Microsoft still commands 95% of the PC market. W8 RT tablets and tablets are already eroding Ipads and Androids market share. Once businesses start adopting W8 in force Ipads will be the past. In the desktop world Microsoft does not really have competition. But by combining PC’s and tablets, Microsoft has launched the biggest rivalry in the tablet market.

  • Rikkirik

    Apple will have to do something drastic to compete with Microsoft. Either develop their own office program and/or also make hybrids. Security is stil another issue with IOS and Android, which do not make them really suitable for large businesses.

    • Duel

      Never heard iWorks? 😉

  • tomakali

    Microsoft should terminate XP asap and Vista too
    and offer upgrade license from XP only to W8[not to bother companies adapting to Linux environment, even if they go to linux, they will come back to W8 in a week or two]
    upgrade license from XP to W7 will still delay W8 adoption

    • Duel

      And how you think Microsoft can make such a move when clearly people doesnt want win8, they want win7

      • tomakali

        Seen any corporate desktop running MacOS?
        If yes, ipad can substitute their work on the go
        Else… Its windows

        For sure corporates not gonna adapt w8. But i don’t think Microsoft not gonna loose windows pc market share to macos

        Tablet cannot erode pc market more than 20%. Still w8 tablets can capture 50% and above market share in productive sector.
        For fun and junk sector of tablet market ipads and androids can fill

    • NGM123

      A major part of the problem is W8 itself. As much as I’ve tried to like it, I’ve dumped it and gone back to 7. It jut seems gimped as it switches between 8 & 7.

      MS should offer the choice of either 7 OR 8 cause 8 sucks big time There’s no way large business is going to embrace 8 on a major scale, it’s a dead duck IMO

  • GeneralmotorsGravytrain

    Maybe they should just shut Dell down and put it out of its misery. I’m sick and tired of hearing about Dell and Icahn and their battle for power over an irrelevant company. Almost nobody wants Windows 8 tablets. Consumers think those Windows 8 tablets are the pits because they’re too damn complicated like all of that Windows bloat. Microsoft keeps trying to sell business-type devices to the average consumer and it isn’t going to work. Who the hell needs Microsoft Office just to send a few text messages? Microsoft couldn’t get consumers to buy tablets for over ten years, so they think they’ve found the answer because the iPad is selling so well. Poor Dell is going to be stuck with thousands if not millions of Windows 8 tablets that will likely end up as landfill. I think every tech-head consumer who ever wanted a Windows 8 tablet has already bought one.

  • Agosto Nuñez

    Turn on your T.V. and you’ll see hundreds if not thousands of different advertisments showing you ”app for an iPhone” and ”get a free iPad” application, for now app-developers only concentrate on iPod-Touches, iPhones and iPads (despite their smaller demographic than Google’s Android), T.V. commercials and folders’ standard-smartphones are ALWAYS iPhones. It pisses me off, but I have friends who’ll ONLY buy the iPhone and iPad because most Dutch companies (dentists, food-companies, even the government) ONLY makes app for the iPhone and iPad, this is why the competition has almost no chance, they have ”a cultural monopoly”, Android can challenge it, but fails inspite of its larger market share.

    Microsoft can win, but it won’t go overnight.

    • Agosto Nuñez

      incidentally, Microsoft itself falls to this trope, go to SkyDrive, GroupMe or ANY Microsoft web-site, if the word ”app” is dropped, it’s accompanied by a picture of an iPhone. Android and Windows Phone ALWAYS fall into the background.

  • Sean

    It’s Dell’s fault for pushing an underpowered Atom tablet on consumers for $500 with a 32GB SSD and an operating system that’s eaten nearly half of it before you even turn it on the first time, coupled with a $120 keyboard dock. They’re not the only ones, either. Acer, Lenovo, and ASUS all released Atom-tablets with keyboard docks that are grossly expensive. I can get triple the laptop for less money after taking into account the keyboard dock and the extra cost for the 64GB model. Hell as of this writing Dell’s selling an Inspiron 15R with touch screen running a Haswell i5 for $550.

    Bay Trail may solve these problems, but only if the manufacturers also drop their overall costs.

    Not to mention failure that is Windows RT. RT has potential if they release a Tegra4 Surface for $400 with a 64GB SSD and maybe $50 for a touch cover (with a proper damn hinge so you can actually use it in your lap), bankroll some amazing apps, and continue to make improvements to their (still fairly awful in 8.1) first-party apps. They need to do something to incentiveize app developers to port their Android and iOS apps over, because obviously the market isn’t growing fast enough to do that for them, and more importantly, someone needs to explain to me why a $1.99 app on Android is $4.99 on the Microsoft Store.

    Until then, I’m waiting for a Bay Trail Android or an affordable Tegra 4 Android.