Dell Introduces World’s Thinnest 23-inch All-in-One PC

Dell Inspiron 23 AiO

Dell today announced a new addition to their All-in-One PC family, Inspiron 23. Dell claims Inspiron 23 to be the thinnest 23-inch All-in-One available. Of course, it features 10-point HD touchscreen.

Read more about it below.

Inspiron 23: Simplify your space with the world’s thinnest 23-inch  All-in-One PC

The Inspiron 23, the latest addition to Dell’s expanding all-in-one  portfolio, is a feature-packed all-in-one with a gorgeous, razor-thin  design. With a Full HD, 10-finger capacitive touch display, the Inspiron  23 has an articulating stand for an intuitive interaction with Windows  8. Consumers can tilt the display, angle it closer for an easy touch  experience, or even lay it flat. Perfect for a home office or living  room, the Inspiron 23 provides a powerful and enjoyable all-round  experience while fitting nicely into the home décor with an attractive,  slim design.

Dell is expanding their All-in-One portfolio with the Inspiron 23. The Inspiron 23 comes with a razor-thin design. It also comes with a 10-point full HD capacitive touch display. You can tilt the display at an angle that is close to you or lay it completely flat.

The Inspiron 23 will start at $999 (U.S.) and be available beginning October 1st.

  • Yuan Taizong

    ¿So it’s both a normal desktop and a giant Tablet-P.C.?
    jokes aside, it looks amazing.

  • arrow2010

    What a piece of shit.

    • Basil Irwin

      Good self insight. But not too useful here. Save it for your therapist session next week.

      • Bugbog

        Clever retort! :)

    • Allan Cantillo

      What a comment, so useful!

  • Asymgo

    Another yawn…remember the “Dell guy” dude I want a Dell, now we just want Dell to go away and take HP with you!

    • Joe_HTH

      Dell makes the best Windows 8 all in one on the market with the XPS 27. So if they keep making PCs like that, I don’t want them to go away.

  • Bugbog

    Nice. A-I-O’s still have room for more innovation!

  • Yehuda Lauer

    wait… whats inside it exactly?

    • reKitab

      Yes, whats inside it exactly?

  • Maiquel Ricardo Borges

    I saw one last month here in Dell’s lab. I work at Dell Brasil. Guys, honestly, it’s amazing. Gorgeous. Terrific.

  • techieg

    Where is the design creativity with these hardware OEMs? They wonder why people tend to buy iMacs, well it is because of its looks and how it fits in as a complimenting furniture even though they may not really like its OS or anything else. These OEMs just don’t get it.