Dell Latitude ST Tablet Will Go On Sale From Nov-1st

Dell today announced its new enterprise tablet called Latitude ST. It features,

  • Intel Atom processor
  • 10-inch multi-touch display with stylus,
  • WiFi,
  • mobile broadband (optional) ,
  • Front and rear webcams and a mic. Gorilla Glass,
  • USB, HDMI  Ports,
  • SD card reader,etc,.


This laptop will go on sale from Nov-1st.

Press Release:

Dell Launches Latitude ST Tablet for Business, Healthcare and Education
We’re living in an exciting time as mobile computing continues to take significant evolutionary strides. Many organizations are embracing the productivity benefits of enabling their workers to be more mobile but with that freedom, they often face hurdles like security, device management and support for critical applications. At Dell, we strive to design products, services and solutions that maximize workforce efficiency without making IT sacrifices.
That’s why I’m pleased to announce the availability of the Dell Latitude ST, a tablet PC built for both mobile professionals and the IT professionals supporting them. The Latitude ST provides Windows 7 Professional productivity in a convenient, lightweight tablet along with all the great attributes IT departments have come to know and trust with our Latitude brand, including security, manageability, service and support. (TBR just ranked Dell notebooks #1 in customer satisfaction.)
Latitude ST can be tailored to specific business or end user needs with certified applications and professional services. It is ideal for any organization where employees need to run a core set of applications in safe computing environments. For healthcare, the Latitude ST easily integrates into Dell’s Electronic Medical Records and Mobile Clinical Computing solutions. And for education, the device is certified for use in our Connected Classroom solution. Speaking of healthcare markets, Dell is recognized as the leading provider of healthcare IT services worldwide.
Latitude ST delivers go-anywhere productivity, with anytime, anywhere data access via Wi-Fi and mobile broadband options and a 10-inch multi-touch display with a stylus for intuitive ease-of-use. Mobile professionals can experience the following features and benefits:
Work confidently with Intel Atom processors and the familiarity of Windows 7-based applications.
Collaborate on-the-go with front and rear web cams, embedded microphone, and Skype video conferencing.
Connect to projectors, printers, or other devices using built-in ports.
Feel protected with durability features such as a rubberized bumper, anti-glare Corning Gorilla Glass screen and TPU overmold.
And since mobility goes beyond hardware, we’re certifying the device with select software partners. Available at launch, we’ll offer certification on leading education software, such as Blio, Dyknow, LanSchool and Texas Instruments. For healthcare customers, we’re working with organizations like Continua Healthcare Alliance, Athena Health and NextGen Healthcare. And we’re working on partnerships with many more to ensure users never skip a beat using their familiar business applications.
IT administrators will also appreciate the attributes of the Latitude ST. They can seamlessly manage the tablet like any other PC on their network using existing remote management solutions or Dell KACE appliances and protect critical data with flexible Dell Data Protection | Encryption. The device will also integrate with desktop virtualization solutions for secure access to data virtually anywhere. And of course the Latitude ST is backed by customizable options for Dell global service and support.
The Latitude ST is quick and easy to deploy and manage, and perfect for mobile business users, enabling:
Insurance clerks to document accidents, complete forms, obtain signatures and hit submit – right on location.
Doctors, nurses and other medical professionals to view client history, make medical evaluation input, submit prescriptions and research securely on-the-go.
Teachers to fully interact and collaborate with students by seamlessly moving about the classroom
Customers can begin experiencing the new Latitude ST next Tuesday, November 1.

  • Christoffer Lundberg

    Will it be able to run Windows 8 next year, that is my question :)

    • davepermen

      anything that runs win7 will be able to run win8. the resolution could be limiting, though. if it’s not 1366×768 or bigger, you can’t have the full metro ui.

      • Christoffer Lundberg

        Yes, of course :) I was thinking mainly about the “edge drag” stuff you do to make the charms appear. From what I understand, that would require a special kind of screen that has touch support at the edges. I think I’ll wait, though this tablet looks pretty darn nice.

        • Anonymous

          Wrong information you got there.

          Let me clarify:

          You dont need any special screen, its just a gesture of dragging from the edge of the screen that brings up the charms and other functions.

          The “Snap” feature that allows two apps run side by side in “Metro” view is limited to higher res screens by Microsoft, but it can be hacked to work on lower res screens (simple registry ammendment).

          You have the full metro UI on all resolutions, you just dont see everything at once on lower res screens.

          I hope that clears things up.

        • Anonymous

          You don’t need a special screen. I have an Asus EP121 with the Win8 dev preview installed and dragging from the edge works just fine. I’ve seen videos of other tablets around the web and all of them work from what I’ve noticed. All they’re doing is picking up the swipe coming in from off screen so there shouldn’t be any special technology required.

        • davepermen

          no special screen needed, just one that is flat at the edge (so you can touch the outer most pixels to swipe over them).

          but the screen has only 1280×800 => you can’t have two apps in parallel. so the edge drag would work, but edge drag’n’hold to pin as secondary app wouldn’t.

  • Anonymous

    With the Samsung Series 7 Slate and Asus EP121 out there, the tablet is releasing into stiff competition.

    • Anonymous

      Only if its not cheaper.

      • Anonymous

        The Dell should be cheaper. The Asus and Samsung slates have i5 processors where the Dell has an Atom. That’s a big difference when looking at performance on the Acer W500 or HP Slate vs the others.

        Unless Dell has some really major tweaks in there, it can be expected to be on the level of the Atoms and not the higher end / higher priced i5 systems.