Dell Officially Reveals New Dell Venue 8 Pro And Dell Venue 11 Pro Windows Tablets

dell venue windows tablet

Dell today officially announced the new Dell Venue 8 Pro and Dell Venue 11 Pro Windows tablets. The new 8 and 11-inch Windows-based tablets complete with keyboard and stylus options, Dell’s enterprise support and more makes it a compelling device for everyone.

The Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet will be available from November 19th and the Dell Venue 11 Pro tablet will be available from November 7th on Starting prices for the new tablets are as follows:

· Venue 8 Pro: pricing available in the coming weeks

· Venue 11 Pro: £349 excluding VAT & freight


The Venue 8 Pro will be available on October 18 via in the U.S. and select countries around the world starting at $299.99 (U.S.). The Venue 11 Pro will be available in November starting at $499.99 (U.S.).

· The lightweight Dell Venue 8 Pro runs Windows 8.1, has a bright HD IPS display, advanced connectivity options and provides long battery life so range anxiety is no longer an issue. People can also stay productive with Office 2013 Home & Student, included with the device, and the optional Dell Active Stylus.

· The Dell Venue 11 Pro, also based on Windows 8.1, provides ultimate 2-in-1 flexibility with the power of an Ultrabook, convenience of a detachable keyboard and experience of a desktop. Unlike competitive tablets, it has a user removable/replaceable battery, and its large, Full HD display with wide viewing angles makes it easy to read and create content while staying mobile. It is also available with a variety of keyboard and stylus options:

o Dell Active Stylus makes it easy to annotate, draw or take notes.

o Dell Slim Keyboard, designed for travel, also serves as a cover for the screen when folded up.

o Dell Mobile Keyboard with integrated battery provides all day productivity with a full-sized keyboard while extending the battery life.

o Dell Tablet Desktop Dock for full productivity on a desk with USB 3.0 ports, and dual display out ports for display extension.

Both Dell Venue Pro tablets are based on Intel processing power for speed, responsiveness, and battery efficiency. The Dell Venue 8 Pro and Dell Venue 11 Pro feature the new Intel Atom quad-core Baytrail processors, code named “Bay Trail”. The Venue 11 Pro offers up to 4th Generation Intel Core i3 and i5 processor options and Intel vPro for manageability.

  • SategB

    I can not believe it but looks like Dell did something right.

    Now there is no reason for Surface.

    • Guest

      What’s equally hard to believe is you making a positive comment. But then you took it back with the second sentence. So harmony in the troll universe is restored.

      • Yuan Taizong

        Well, Dell did greatly innovate, but yes, indeed, the 2nd sentence was totally uncalled for.

    • nohone

      Oh, look, our favoite dyslexic is here to give his usual very wrong advice.

    • frankwick

      Because Dell built a nice looking tablet there is no need for Surface? Not trolling, but why do you say that? If Microsoft had not built the Surface then it wouldn’t not have pushed Dell to make better hardware. The Surface 2 will continue to push OEMs for better hardware. The Surface Pro is first class hardware. I have a hard time believing the Dell actually surpasses the build quality.

      • SategB

        There is a couple of errors in your thought process:

        1. In all likelihood these products where being designed before Surface was revealed

        2 Surfaces has been a failure so any influences they may have had would be what not to do


        • Guest

          Dude, do us a favor and just make blank comments. We’ll assume the knee-jerk negative stupidity to follow and you’ll save time writing. Everyone wins.

  • Yuan Taizong

    This is probably one of, if not THE best Tablet-P.C. I’ve ever seen with the Dell brand on it, kudos to the team who made this 😉

    • Bugbog

      Such a pity then that the resolution is middling, at best!

  • DKJr

    I think this is what Win 8.* was really missing: great hardware designs and powerful but energy efficient processors. I guess the OS was kind of ahead of it’s time (except for lack of support of various screen sizes and apps) especially for an OS that targets professionals and enterprise customers.
    I see the OS beginning to gain traction with this kind of hardware and pricing – affordability will be key to success. As good as the Surface is, it might lose out in sales due to other OEMs right pricing their hardware.

  • SategB

    Interesting, attack the individual but not the thesis…so your in agreement the current value position for the Surface products in comparison is non existence

    • nohone

      1) Where were you being attacked? I called you dislexic because you spell BGates as SategB, all jumbled up as someone with dislexia would. You give advice to what you think Microsoft should do, advice that is wrong, all the time. So my comment is not out of line. “Guest” accurately pointed out that you gave a positive as well as your usual “I hate Microsoft” statement in the same comment, even though this article has nothing to do with Surface. I am called a troll often for even slightly deviating from the topic. Therefore that would make you a troll. QED.
      2) You personally attack people all the time, from people commenting on this site such as myself, to people like as Ballmer. But of course, for you to do it is perfectly fine, but when anybody does something that can be twisted to make it appear like poor you is being attacked, then you whine about it.

      • SategB

        So your saying you agree Surface lacks a significant value position.

        I suspect MSFT will hold down build supplies this round so we don’t take another near billion $ Ballmer write off.

        • nohone

          Other than me writing “this article has nothing to do with Surface” I didn’t write anything about Surface, and instead you need to invent a fantasy world where I am somehow attacking Surface. Earlier today I read an article about the government shutdown, and they didn’t talk about Surface there, either. I guess to you that was an encoded message proclaiming Surface a “failure.”

          • SaregB

            Lets not call it Goverment Shutdown, call it “A Goverment Blue Screen of Death” to keep it a MSFT thread topic :)

  • PoohGQ

    I can totally see this devices dismantling Microsoft’s Surface 2 and Nokia’s 2520 tablet both due to pricing and design-wise..

    • SategB

      AGREE…No matter what nohone says, it is ok to mention Surface in your post.

    • Bugbog

      The only reason the Dell 8 is getting any consideration [from me] is that there is no Surface or Lumia alternative.

      Other than the weight and price, I’m not overly enthused by anything else about it.

  • Tech_Reader

    We need all OEM’s and vendors to be inspired with Surface and roll out such nice and quality products..

    This is what makes the ecosystem a competitive and beneficial for the customers..

    But why on earth, does no one ask these companies or MS to add GPS in this ??
    Its badly needed as the market of navigational and such devices is also huge..

    • NGM123

      Hell no, keep the price as low and as competitive as possible. I bet you have sat nav in you’re phone, plus many have them in their cars, not needed IMHO especially at the price sensitive Nexus 7 end of the market.

      • Tech_Reader

        My friend, what I see in the markets today are all kinds of cheap tablets and stuff running Android or what not having a GPS chip in them.. !

        It is a very big selling point..
        the convergence of devices is what I am saying here..

  • donzebe

    Dell seem to be putting all their tablets ( Windows, Android ) under one brand name (Venue), this is a good strategy for them because if the brand gets popular everything under the brand will do well. I wish Samsung had done same, putting all phones ( android and windows ) under the Galaxy brand.