Dell Reveals New Inspiron 11 3000 Series Touchscreen Laptop Starting At $379

Dell Inspiron 11 3000 series

Dell today announced a new ultraportable Inspiron 11 3000 Series touchscreen laptops that will go on sale in coming months for starting at just $349.

Read more about it below.

Inspiron 11 3000 Series: Ultraportable design, convenience of touch  and familiarity of a keyboard

Whether you’re toting a backpack across campus or travelling  cross-country, the Dell Inspiron 11 3000 Series is a reliable,  ultraportable choice for those who are on the go all day. The Inspiron  11 features an 11.6-inch, 10-finger capacitive touch display with  noise-cancelling, dual-array microphones to make web chats amazingly  clear – even in public spaces. At 0.83 inches (21.2mm) thin, a starting  weight of just over 3 pounds (3.15 lbs.)iii and with up to 8  hours, 20 minutes of battery lifeiv, the Inspiron 11 is  perfect for both entertainment and productivity on-the-move.

  • Yuan Taizong

    For those specs… this is a bargain.

  • Asymgo

    Yawn…but who knew they were still in business

    • Joe_HTH

      What the hell is your problem with Dell? This is the second time you’ve shit on them? This looks like a great value for such a low price.

      • Guest

        Don’t feed the trolls.

      • Asymgo

        They build cheap junk throw always – it is hard to get the public to think MSFT’s Window and Office is quality when the hardware isn’t

        Dell and others like them is why MSFT has decided try to build hardware themselves and trying to be like the fruit company

        I don’t want MSFT to become an poor version of Apple like you

    • nohone

      I know that you and your little friends like to play make-believe that only Apple and Linux are succeeding, but Dell sells more computers with Windows 8 per quarter than Apple and all Linux computers combined. Add in all the other computer manufacturers; HP, Asus, Acer, Lenovo, Microsoft, and the others, the only reason Apple still sells computers is to support their phones. Apple knows they are so useless in the computer market they dropped “Computer” from their company name, and when they released a new computer today they didn’t even bother to tell anybody, they updated their web site store in the middle of the night. As for Linux, well, they can’t even give it away for free and even the pathetic market share of Apple puts Linux to shame.
      So while you are here making your little jokes, the real world knows who the real joke is in the world of computers – Apple and Linux.

      • asherpat

        “I know that you and your little friends like to play make-believe that only Apple and Linux are succeeding” No, I think that there is only one “religion” – the Church of the White Fruit and they see Windows on PC as the only thing that stands between their worship and world domination, so they revel in any setback or downfall of Apple’s competitors.
        I don’t think that any Fandroids care about “Google” as an entity, while iWorshippers want Apple to be the only company in the world. And 90% of the mainstream media is happy to help them with pro-Apple bias.

      • Asymgo

        Apple averaging $240 profit per computer while averages about $25 -THATS NOT WINNING

        Eight years ago, 95% of consumer computers were powered by Windows; today, it’s around 20%. – THATS NOT WINNIng

        • Kong

          Man you need to read more… There is no point arguing with an imbecile like you

        • Kong

          Asymgob you misinformed insolent troll as of August 2013 Windows OS controls 90.81% of the PC market

          • Asymgo

            Yes while you celebrate PC success for Windows the world is leaving MSFT behind choosing other computer platforms:

        • Kong

          No, Ipads are NOT computers. Computers are devices which you can connect your printers, USB sticks, gamepads, joysticks, multiple monitors, play disc based media (floppies to blurays), install all software from Peachtree to Oracle to Utorrent, do your own coding and programming, build your own programs, connect your phones for updates or music transfers and backups amongst a million other USEFUL things. Not for listening to music or reading a magazine. A surface pro IS a computer not a mini touchscreen smart TV

          • nohone

            The way it works is if you want to compare the number of sales, then iPad, Mac, iPhone, iTouch, and iPod are computers, those devices can be compared to Windows and therefore Apple is beating everybody – but you can only count Windows 8.1, not all Windows because that is not fair, but all the iDevices from 30 years back can be counted. If you want to compare the number of apps available to the platform, then the argument changes. Macs cannot be compared to Windows computers, because Macs are not about the OS, it is only about the hardware. And it is not fair to compare the number of programs for Mac (hardware) to the number for Windows (software), because you cannot compare hardware and software. But, if you want to compare the number of iOS apps to the number of WinRT apps, then you can, but only if you count strictly WinRT apps, not Surface Pro apps (4 million) because a Surface Pro cannot be compared to an iOS device. Unless you are discussing battery life, then an iTouch can be compared to a Surface Pro. And don’t compare a Surface Pro to a MacBook Air because the Pro is a tablet while a Air is a netbook, er, laptop (sorry, they like to make fun of netbooks, until Apple builds one, then it cannot be made fun of). Unless you want to compare the Pro’s battery to an Air, then they can be compared, but do not compare the screen resolution of the Pro to the Air, because then they are now in different categories again. But you can compare the CPU in the Air to the CPU in the Pro, but only for the Pro 1, not the Pro 2, because then they are the same CPU and Apple uses magical hardware that is sprinkled with fairy dust and unicorn breath, so comparing the Pro 2 to an Air is not allowed. You are allowed to compare the iPad screen resolution to a Surface RT, but you may not compare any device’s screen (including the Surface RT’s display) to the Air’s screen resolution, because that will make the Air’s screen look bad.
            If you follow these simple rules, you will begin to understant the correct way of defending an Apple product.

          • Asymg

            I think Ballmer himself stated tablets was computer devices

        • Mark Ross

          Typical troll. Not even creative enough to come up with your own alias. Instead you have to modify Asymco’s. What a tool.

  • Ikoyi Lazy

    AMD all day

  • Asymgo
    • Asshatgo

      So basically they’ve gone from dominating a mature market to being a minor player is a much larger and faster growing one? Sounds like opportunity to me.

      • Asymgo

        Sounds like failure to me when they had the early lead position in the growing market but neglected it to the point they ate struggling to stay relevant in the industry they use to control.