Dell seeing strong demand for Windows 8 in both consumer and business


Speaking at Dell World customer conference in Austin, Texas, Dell CEO Michael Dell says that he’s seeing strong demand for computers and tablets running Windows 8.

“The interest in Windows 8 is quite high, even among commercial customers” who tend to be slower to install new software, he said.

Poopooing the post-PC propaganda, he noted “PCs are still how business gets done.”

Microsoft had earlier announced that it sold more than 40 million Windows 8 licenses in 30 days, but most analysts are claiming slow adoption of the new OS. Dell’s statement indicates that this view may not be as accurate as the analyst consensus may indicate.

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  • inyourbase

    News flash: Analysts are as reliable as tea leaves
    In other news: The sun will rise in the east and set in the west.

  • GG002

    W8 in fact popular, Google be damned.

    “We are very careful about where we invest and will go where the users are but they are not on Windows Phone or Windows 8” -Google

    • Bnlknlk Kofi Baiden

      What is this Google you talk about?

      • Guest
  • oldjovian

    Lots of analysts trying to engineer alternate realities for their own financial interests . . .

    • Lewis McCrary

      ^ That.

  • Tips_y

    As supply of Windows 8 devices become more ubiquitous in stores, more people will be able to test and experience how good the OS is in actual use and be convinced to buy them.

    • arrow2010

      Funny how Macs don’t need to be ubiquitous for people to fall instantly in love with them.

      • bnlf

        that’s faith brother! All praise Steve Jobs, the creator!

        • Bobolinho

          Hail the Old One!!! LOL.

      • Lewis McCrary

        Right before they see the price tag and say “screw that!” 😛
        Ok, maybe that’s just me.

      • Tips_y

        W8 is a new interface so people need to interact with it first to discover how good it really is while the mac os is an old interface.

  • just

    The only thing analysts can analyze is their A-hole.

  • arrow2010

    “strong demand” = b.s. if Michael Dell won’t give out numbers.

    • nerdydad

      Try to order the new XPS 12
      and you will see what he meant by strong demand, over a 1 month wait.

  • donzebe

    Most of the analyst are writing on the ipad or mac so it is hard for them to see anything beyond an ipad or mac.