Dell Sees Encouraging Reaction To The Latitude 10 Windows 8 Device Among Enterprise


During its earnings call today, Dell told that Latitude 10 Windows 8 device is getting positive response from the enterprise customers.

Stephen Felice, President and chief commercial officer said the following,

I’ve been meeting with lots of customers who continue to say that they’re needing to prioritize security and manageability as they try to roll out tablets in their environment. And specifically, products like the Latitude 10 that has things like security built into it with a smartcard feature and even something like a replaceable battery. These are things that are resonating well on the commercial side.

Brian Gladden, Chief financial officer said the following,

We continue to hear a lot of noise from CIOs about having to deal with the added cost of complexity of not having a standards-based product as a tablet. And so we’re pretty encouraged by the reaction to the Latitude 10, and we do see this as a profitable product in the commercial space.

At $649 price point, Dell Latitude 10 offers the following base specs.

  • Intel® Atom™ processor Z2760 1.8GHz with Intel® Burst Technology, 1.5GHz HFM, 600MHz LFM
  • Windows 8 Pro, 32-bit, no media, English
  • 10.1″ IPS (1366 X 768) Wide View Angle LCD, Corning® Gorilla® Glass, Capacitive 10 Finger Touch
  • 2GB2 DDR2 SDRAM at 800MHz
  • 64GB of Solid State Storage, enabled for mobile broadband (HSPA+)
  • Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator (533MHz)
  • 1 Year ProSupport +1 Year NBD Limited Onsite Service After Remote Diagnosis
  • 1.47 lbs

I think there is no reason for the enterprise to buy an Apple iPad with same price running iOS. Dell is not the only one which offers Windows 8 Pro tablets for the enterprise. Lenovo has got its ThinkPad tablet 2 with almost same specs and price. Even Samsung has got its Ativ Smart PC with same specs and price range.

via: CNET

  • northerngeek

    If only it had a stylus I would have bought multiple.

  • Dennis

    looking at Dell’s web site it does seem to have the stylus as an option.

  • FXi

    Love the replaceable battery. Really looking for a higher res screen and probably Haswell. When those things come to the Latitude, it’s going to be very hard to resist.

  • J A

    It would be great if MS delivers a dock for the Surface Pro.

    • jagster

      If MSFT releases a dock with dual DP out and Business-Class support (NBD On-site, etc) then the Surface Pro would probably own Enterprise market. It will be hard to beat Dell on the support piece though since Dell has been in that world for decades and has that aspect very well tuned.

  • NegLewis

    They should separate Processing part from Display/Interaction Part, Peripherals and Battery part.
    Letting people to create their own tablet is more fun.

    Add a Case + Display.
    Slip a processing unit and add or not the IO Ports and the Battery – see Desktop Model.

    Imagine you could Link the processing unit to the TV.