Dell To Release Venue Pro 10.6-inch Windows 8.1 Tablet With Optional Keyboard Cover Which Includes Battery

dell venue windows tablet

Few weeks back, Dell announced that they are going to release Windows 8 tablets with Venue brand soon.

We already know that one of the Venue branded tablet will be a 8-inch model.The 8-inch tablet will be just 8.9mm thick, will sport a high-definition 1080p IPS display and runs on Windows 8.1. It will be powered by latest Intel Atom quad-core processor with enterprise features such as embedded Trusted Platform Module and full Dell Enterprise Solutions support for organizations, etc,. The device will have a mini USB port, optional HSPA+ for mobile connectivity, Wi-Fi connectivity and Miracast functionality. The Venue Pro 8 will also come with some sort of bluetooth keyboard.

Dell is also planning to release a Venue 11 Pro tablet that will come with 10.6-inch 1080 display running Windows 8.1 Pro. Unlike the 8-inch model, Venue 11 Pro can be configured from Intel quad-core Atom CPU to 4th gen Intel Core i3 or i5 with vPro CPU. Also memory can be configured up to 8GB and similarly storage upto 256GB. There are also enterprise features such as Dell Data Protection and biometric security options including a fingerprint scanner or smart card reader. There is also NFC built-in to pair the device with keyboards and other accessories.

Similar to Microsoft Surface’s Touch and Type Covers, Venue Pro can be paired with regular or slim version of keyboards. The regular version of the keyboard named Tablet Keyboard Mobile, will extend the battery life between 50% and 80% depending on the configuration of your device. And the slim version named Tablet Keyboard Slim will allow a wrap around style design that protects the tablet when you carry them.

Source: TechRadar

  • Yuan Taizong

    I ain’t gonna lie, the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 isn’t the only high-end contending Windows 8 Tablet-P.C.

  • sri_tech

    8 inch tablet does not have FULL HD screen. It only comes with 1200×800 display which is not bad for the price.

    10 inch model has full HD display and will have so many accessories like stylus, keyboard, dock etc..

    • nohone

      For the past year the Apple fanboys have told us the 1024×768 resolution of the iPad Mini is all you need, a higher resolution is just a waste. 1200×800 is better and therefore a waste, and so you don’t need full HD. Of course, that argument will be thrown out if the next iPad Mini has a higher resolution, but for now, 1024×768 is the perfect resolution.

  • Bugbog

    If no Surface Mini comes this year, the Dell looks like the front-runner to beat. It’s just a pity that there is no artistry/elegance/design? to any of them! Just a basic ‘pad!’

    We can always hope that Nokia may/might surprise us with an 8″ tab?

  • NegLewis

    A tablet it’s a “fashion” accessory that must be a functional tool too. There is no way people will let themselves to spend such amount of money on something non-functional. It must be something practical.
    That means :
    1: NO ATOM CPU – bad reputation.
    2: Stylus.
    3: 10+ hours battery time.
    4: SIM
    5: USB
    6: SD Card.
    7: HDMI/USB
    8: Colors
    9: Extra/Battery in a slim keyboard
    10: Price !!! < 499 for a i5/ Haswell.

    • Thomas Jennerwein

      I think you cant compare the old and the new atoms.. thats a completly different thing…

    • lohborn

      This is just silly.
      There is no device in the world with an i5 Haswell, 10+ hours of battery life, and touch with an active digitizer for $500. The i5 itself costs close to $300.
      It’s just not helpful to say that.

  • Azjerei

    Looks gorgeous! Good work Dell!

  • Avatar Roku

    The 8″ Dell Venue was announced to be 1280×800, not 1080p; unless something has changed in the last few weeks.

    The 11″ Dell hybrids sound awesome. Can’t wait to see them tomorrow. I think TR leaked story by accident and pulled it.

  • pepe

    what about Windows RT?