Dell Venue 8 Pro 32GB Windows 8.1 Tablet Now Available For $229 From Amazon

Dell Venue Pro Windows Tablet


Dell Venue 8 Pro Windows 8.1 tablet with 32GB internal storage is now available for just $229 from Amazon. FYI, It costs $299 from Dell Venue 8 Pro is a great tablet PC that runs on full Windows instead of Windows RT.


  • Processor: Intel® Atom™ processor Z3740D (2MB Cache, up to 1.8GHz Quad-Core)
  • Display: 8.0 inch IPS Display with HD (WXGA 1280 x 800) resolution with 10-pt capacitive touch
  • Memory: 2GB Single Channel DDR3L-RS 1600MHz
  • Storage (hard drive): 32GB eMMC
  • Color: Black

It also comes with Microsoft Office Home & Student 2013 pre-installed. It can’t get better than this! Order yours now.

Check out the 32GB model deal here. Check out the 64GB model deal here. Amazon has also started selling ThinkPad 8 Windows tablet. The 64Gb model is the only model available and it costs $449. Find the listing here from Amazon.


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  • NegLewis

    MS must STOP playing this price game.
    They all do.
    Lots of my friends are already to pissed about buying one tablet today and in 2 weeks same tablet it’s 30% cheaper.

    Just build the thing, price it as fair as possible and keep the price as is until you build another model – a better one.

    MS has made a big mistake releasing a version of Windows Phone OS without a proper Marketing campaign.
    Then they did it again with Windows 8.
    Then with all their services.
    People are pissed, confused and angry because MS seems to take the right decisions… a little too damn late.

    Then after MS released a PROPER Windows 8.1 OS they build OR cheap tablets with 32 GB of storage with HDMI or super expensive almost-laptops tablets.
    Same with WP – no Storage, No SD…even is SD tech it’s owned by MS.

    I tried to live with only 32 GB… it’s IMPOSSIBLE frustrating…. even without Office installed…. with Office on a 32 GB Tablet… it’s excruciating painful…

    32 GB tablets + 1TB of cheap Flash build in, 1 HDMI + 2 USB’s.

    • Simon Paul

      Are you on crack? Microsoft doesn’t have control over Amazon and it’s pricing. Retailers can run sales if they want to.

      I have a Surface 1 with 32GB and haven’t even begun to get close to the max storage. It’s not my everyday device, but even if it was, there wouldn’t be an issue.

      MS and OEMs have released a wide range of tablets everything from the premium Surface line, to the Dell Venue and other small cheap tablets. Most of which run FULL Windows, not RT. So your claim is pure bullshit.

      Stop trolling and GTFO

      • LexicoRed

        He has a point, for years and years MS has encourage OEMs to race to the bottom on pricing. The theory being lower the price the more units sold equaling more copies of Window and office sold; great for MS profits.

        Problem is people got tire of junk hardware and started correlate crap hardware and MS software being one of the same. This is why despite WP and Surface being good product a they are still born no sales dead in the market place.

        • SategB

          Good post, there is intelligent life life out there :)

      • NegLewis

        Did you install Office? (4+- GB Free)
        Did you removed the MS Backup partitions (8+- GB Free)? Still got Warranty?
        Did you Update Windows (1GB +-)?
        Did you activate “compression” (+-50% free storage)?
        Did you link your SkyDrive/? account to the Tablet?
        Did you bought a new SD Card +- X GB?
        Do you know how to force some official applications to install on SD?

        Most of the people did not do that, and they will not do it.
        I own a 32GB W8 Tablet. After Office, Mozilla and Chrome and a windows Update I only have 4GB free space.

        Office downloaded a 220 MB Fonts cab witch translate into a 550 MB of Fonts.
        Same with lots of junk files.

        You know squad…
        Talk with real people.
        Most of them are happy for 2 weeks then it’s hell.
        32 GB it’s a joke.

        MS Managed to ridicule last 10 years of Software innovation by making people talk again about MEGA BYTES. Not even GB…or TB.
        On a Windows tablet people must talk about TB. About Future in your hand.

        • Simon Paul

          “Did you install Office?”
          – Office is pre-installed on Surface

          “Did you removed the MS Backup partitions (8+- GB Free)?”
          – Nope, still have the partition on it.

          “Still got Warranty?”
          – Yep

          “Did you Update Windows (1GB +-)?”
          – It’s got the most current updates available

          “Did you activate “compression” (+-50% free storage)?”
          – Nope, no need to.

          “Did you link your SkyDrive/? account to the Tablet?”
          – Of course, it’s there by default in W8.1

          “Did you bought a new SD Card +- X GB?”
          – Not yet, don’t need to.

          “Do you know how to force some official applications to install on SD?”
          – Nope, don’t need to.

          My 32GB Surface still has 11.6GB of available storage. For a companion device, 32GB is plenty of storage. Especially since you can add a Micro SD for more room. Which people are fully capable of doing.

          If you are using the tablet as your main computer, storing all your files on it, then 32GB is not enough. That’s why Dell and other OEMs provide larger storage for a little bit more money. But for those that don’t need that extra storage space, the cheaper priced 32GB tablets are perfect.

          And you complain about Microsoft? What about Apple and their tablet storage? Hell, they charge $100 for each additional 16GB.

          Here’s a product comparison…

          iPad Mini
          32GB – $499 – No Micro SD
          64GB – $599 – No Micro SD

          iPad Air
          32GB – $599 – No Micro SD
          64GB – $699 – No Micro SD

          Dell Venue 8 Pro (Full Windows)
          32GB – $229.99 – With Micro SD Slot
          64GB – $319 – With Micro SD

          Surface 2 (RT Windows)
          32GB – $449.99 – With Micro SD Slot
          64GB – $549 – With Micro SD

          Your argument sounds like just a bunch of bullshit coming from a ranting troll. And completely lacks support considering the competition’s specs. You’re basically bitching that Microsoft gives their customers options and provides it at a cheap price. Which is the silliest thing I’ve ever heard.

          If you read the reviews of the Dell Venue 8 Pro, it is not cheaply built, and people think its great.