Dell Windows 8 Tablet Latitude 10 Leaked ?


We all know that Dell is working on multiple Windows 8 tablets to release later this year. Today Neowin posted information about the upcoming Windows 8 tablet from Dell called Latitude 10. Its a x86 based tablet with Intel Clover Trail processor, 2GB RAM, 10.1 inch screen with HD ready screen, 8MP rear and a 1.3MP secondary camera as well. The device will also come with user replaceable battery with support for 2 cell and 4 cell. Now, what about the price?  if it turns out to be a $500 tablet, I’m sure there will be lot of consumers picking this one.

What do you think?

Source: Neowin

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Pradeep, a Computer Science & Engineering graduate.

  • Chris Georgeson

    Intel really needs to change the name of the Atom…. get away from that brand name.

    • Ryan T

       Cuz thats a picture of the Samsung Developer Tablet

      • Steve Sutton

        Not Samsung…That’s Dell’s Latitude ST Slate – v2.

  • Ian Walker

    Look like a good entry level “Windows 8 system – will be interesting to see how the “WinRT only’ ARM devices stack up.


  • Anonymous

    Well, they seem to have mixed up the “heigh” and “depth,” so I’m calling bullshit.

  • TGR

    This tablet will cost waaaaaaaaay more than $500.00 dollars since MS and Intel are not gicing OEM any discounts.  This is why I think WIN8 Tablets may bomb on Intel so to speak.  Greed will get you every time. 

    • Anonymous

      This is an atom tablet with basic specs. It could sell for $500. All the optional extras would raise price.

      • TGR

        Hope you are right, it does have 2G of RAM as well which may raise the cost even if its DDR2.

  • Anonymous

    how come the pic shows the old window’s icon for the home button? Is that not the real pic of the laptop or a bad photochop?

  • the person

    that looks like rubbish….the rounded corners look like that Wintab crap you can buy from China.

  • Anonymous

    Meh, okish i guess. 

    I’m still more interested about the WOA (ARM) side of Win8. If Nokia can pack serious specs to their tablet and bring those original designs, they could have a winner.

  • Bluebox7


    • Anonymous

      See what I did there?  Since there’s no official price, it’s pure speculation.

  • Fdaf31

    I’m waiting for Nokia. I see the 900 is now $9.99 upgrade at amazon wireless.

  • Zicoz

    My first W8-tablet will without a doubt be ARM-based unless we can get something from AMD. For in-house use I’d actually love to see some tablets on the 17w Trinity APU.

  • Anonymous

    How does Clovertrail compare to ARM?  Clovertrail is not Atom part 2 is it?


    I think you forgot an apostrophe for “It’s (a x86 tablet)”. And to replace “10.1 inch screen with HD ready screen” with “10.1 inch screen with HD ready resolution”. And add ‘a’ before “user replaceable battery”. And replace “2 cell and 4 cell” with “two or four cells”. And add “up” to the second last sentence. And while you’re at it, capitalize ‘If’ at the beginning of the second last sentence of the article as well.

    Oh, and I think you’re abusing WMPowerUser for your own website. Especially for people using the RSS feed, it costs WMPU data yet yields no ad-impressions for them.

    • Jack Woods

      wanna talk about it?

      • cPT.cAPSLOCK

        Thanks for offering! I’d love to. Could you stop by my place sometime? Let me know in advance, so I can take it into account when I’m heading to the supermarket.

        My point is that if Pradeep wants this site to be taken seriously, he needs to put a little more effort into it.

        • Jack Woods

          Would Sunday be fine? At around four?

          While I agree that proper English is important, I heavily disagree with your way of letting people (Pradeep in this case) know there’s room for improvement!

          • cPT.cAPSLOCK

            Unfortunately, Sunday doesn’t fit in my schedule that well. What about monday?

            I know I was far from subtle, but the mistakes he makes are very elementary. Things like capitalization shouldn’t be a problem, even if English isn’t his native language (whether it is, I don’t know).

            Also, he makes them pretty much every article, both here and on WMPU. He just doesn’t seem to be putting much effort into it.

            Finally, the way he abuses WMPU’s traffic is essentially a matter of ethics. I’m convinced that what he’s doing is immoral.

            2012/5/25 Disqus

          • Jack Woods

            Why would that me immoral? I’m not familiar with the ownership structure over at WMPU, but I am fairly certain that “they” allowed him to link his articles on their site.
            Furthermore, I actually appreciate the fact not having to come here to check for new stories, but being able to see them over at WMPU. So, as far as I am concerned it’s a service, rather than am evil act of luring me on his site.

            Lastly, Monday’s fine. eight o’clock at your place?^^

          • cPT.cAPSLOCK

            Many people (for example those using RSS feeds) see the story from WMPU’s feed, then click on the direct link to MSNews. This means that they’ve used WMPU bandwith (for the feed) but they don’t result in any ad impressions. Basically, it costs WMPU money to provide this yet they don’t get anything in return.

            2012/5/25 Disqus

          • Jack Woods

            apparently MSNews is ran by the same people that run WMPU…

    • Pradeepviswav

      Thanks for the advise on my grammar. And yes, I’m not a native English speaker.

    • Pradeepviswav

       I won’t comment/discuss on ownership/business of this website.

  • Anonymous

    Unless this tablet is priced below $300, it won’t bode well. The 1366×768 resolution can’t compete in this market with iPads and top end Android tablets reaching 2048×1536 and 1920×1200.

    Not to mention Dell will most likely be using laptop low quality (TN) screens, while the competitors are using IPS+ and Retina displays. 

    The most important things of a tablet are the screen and battery life. I’m not sure if an x86 chip, even a miniature one, can ever compete with ARM in terms of battery life.

    • Brian Chau

      Which iPad or Android tablet in the market today has 128 SSD HD and 2GB RAM?

  • Milad Bazzaz

    looks exactly like Dell’s marketshare…awful.

  • Anonymous

    $500???  THAT would be quite tempting.  Especially as it’s an x86 tab and not WRT.  W8 tabs might actually blow the tab market up …

  • Steve Sutton

    This looks like v2 of the Dell Latitude ST Slate.  Currently, at Dell, the price is $750.
    I’m not sure why they would go with the Atom proc again…perhaps the Clover Trail version is a lot faster?