Design Patent From Microsoft: Kinect 2.0 Or Yet Another Web Cam ??

Kinect or Webcam Microsoft

I recently came across a design patent application from Microsoft. It might be some sort of Kinect device(Kinect 2.0 may be?) or yet another web cam from Microsoft.

What’s your guess??

Source: USPTO

  • Sebbs

    Unless they’re integrating the video camera with the IR camera into the same sensor, this is a webcam

  • Ralp

    cam wit sound sensor, hand gestures

  • Chris

    My guess is this is just a webcam with IR illumination LED’s (The spots next to the lens)
    Kinect 1.0 uses a laser-TOF-concept (time of flight) and this patent figure doesn’t show a laser or an equivalent replacement for measuring the distance.

    • Robert

      Kinect 1.0 does not use any time of flight principle. It is structure light based only. The laser is splitted to a specific pattern and projected to the observed scene. The new kinect could be based on ToF prinicple since microsoft shows some interests in this technology. But nothing was confirmed yet.
      Also note that current tof cameras (phase based prinicple) use a simple array of NIR LEDs.

  • Forc3

    cam with Stereo Sound Output?

  • elpadr1no

    Any other pics. A Kinect sensor would need a pivoting neck. As it moves around as it tries to keep people in its FOV.