Desktop Version Of Internet Explorer 11 To Feature Swipe Navigation In Windows Blue

IE11 Touch Gesture

The Modern Internet Explorer 11 in Windows 8 already features swipe navigation for browsing the web. It supports Back and forward swipe page navigation with preview. Winsupersite reports that even desktop version of Internet Explorer 11 in the leaked Windows Blue build supports swipe navigation with touch.

With IE 11, Microsoft is bringing this feature to the desktop version of the browser too. As with IE 10 Metro, it only works via touch; that is, you can’t use the mouse to “grab” the current web page and navigate right (back) or left (forward). But it provides a nice bit of consistency, and if you need to use both browsers for some reason they will now work more similarly.

Read more about it from the link below.

Source: Winsupersite

  • Filipe

    And, as always, nobody heard about patents so Microsoft will probably NOT get Patents for this. Just like the split keyboard quickly found it’s way to iOS and Android months before Windows 8 was released, so we will probably see this first in Chrome, Firefox and Safari.
    “Another revolution by Apple/Google/Mozilla.”; “Microsoft will again copy Apple/Google/Mozilla amazing features because they don’t know how to be creative.”; “Internet Explorer Sucks and is months behind competition!”; etc.
    This is not how Microsoft is going to re-brand itself…

  • frankwick

    how about “Share from desktop” ?