Detailed video review of the Microsoft Surface RT

imageMobileTechReview have posted their detailed review of the Microsoft Surface RT, which includes this 33 minute video review of this Microsoft WindowsRT tablet.

They conclude:

Microsoft’s Surface RT tablet isn’t just an attention-getting beast because it’s the company’s first computing product. It’s rich and immersive tablet thanks to attractive video and music players, excellent news, weather, stocks and sports apps and it offers some of the strengths of a full Windows machine. And that’s the plus as well as the caveat: you get the same UI, Windows desktop and largely the same MS Office suite as you do on Windows 8 Pro machines, but you can’t run .exe applications meant for Windows 7 computers. Is that a deal breaker? At launch it might be for some shoppers who are understandably captivated by the several hundred thousands of apps available for iOS and Android. But don’t fool yourself: This is Microsoft and Windows. The apps will very likely come in large numbers. If you’re willing to wait, the Microsoft Surface RT is an excellent tablet for productivity-oriented users and those who crave Adobe Flash Player support.

Read their full review here.

  • Pookiewood

    So freaking smart about folding the KB to use in your lap!

  • Big D


  • Bugbog

    There have been two reviews thus far, of the MS Surface RT, that have really given the reader/viewer a Proper look at the device, exempt of any over-arching bias or ulterior motive:

    The Anandtech review; which gave an objective useability, performance and benchmark test, and..

    This Mobiletechreview; which gives an exhaustive rundown of the device from a users perspective

    I would recommend both site’s reviews for anyone requiring more information before deciding whether or not to purchase the Surface RT.

  • Gary

    I haven’t watched the video yet, but am I correct that this is a wi-fi only device? No cellular connection? Having just been through Sandy and loss of power knocking out my home network, I turned on the cellular connection on my iPad. What would I have done if I had a Surface?

    • KJ

      No phones with Internet Sharing?

      • Gary

        Is that how I would do it? I’m using a HTC Titan on AT&T, I never use it to tether or internet share. My understanding is that AT&T doesn’t permit, or charges a ton, but I may be wrong about that.

    • David

      I feel you are here to troll…

      But in case you are not then your answer is yes Surface is Wi-Fi device. Maybe in future they add cellular thing but 95% of people have no need for AT&T or Verizon cellular crap. I am glad it doesn’t have it.

    • John

      Surface is too good for you to have. You keep your iCrapToy and please don’t come troll here again. Bye!

      • Gary

        what intelligent discussion here.

    • redtidal

      It actually has a full USB port, which can support cellular USB device with right driver.

      Got the answer from the Microsoft pop-up store.

  • Gavin Tom

    Good pros and cons. I will be visiting your site more!

  • redtidal

    So much echo in the video.

    Also, NOT true about touch only. RT and (later) PRO Surface both support pen input as well. PRO will comes with Pen free, for RT, pen is optional accessories.

  • TWindows

    33 minutes of pure pleasure, your review was on point and un-bias. Thank you so much for taking the time to go into detail and actually explain the in’s & out for Windows RT and Surface.

    Thanks again, and we will be subscribing and following you for continued coverage and reviews.

  • ahnel

    how about making the windows logo at the back light? that would look cool =)