Did Microsoft buy an IM monopoly with Skype purchase?


More and more analysts are coming round to the idea that Microsoft’s Skype purchase was strategically a very wise more, but we still hear all to often, largely from tech bloggers, that the $8.5 billion will soon be wasted due to Google Talk taking over.

The truth of the matter is however that there are really only 2 big IM networks in the world, Skype and Windows Live Messenger, and the two combined likely have over 80% of the IM market. Of course no-one knows how how many active Google Talk users are, and Google has never told anyone, but as it is confined to a percentage of the 200 million Gmail users, likely not much bigger than Yahoo Messenger, and when Skype and Messenger merge the network effect will be immense, ultimately locking out other smaller IM networks.

Microsoft has many plans for Skype,  but merely owning 80% of IM may well be worth $8.5 billion all by itself.

  • http://unhub.com/eingoluq Eingoluq

    I see them using kinect, a virtual environment akin to avatar kinect in conjunction with Skype and Messenger to concrete this lead.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sergey-Durnov/100000964100298 Sergey Durnov

    They also need ICQ to push WP7 in Eastern Europe and CIS. ICQ is under control of Mail.ru group. I think we will hear an announcement soon.. 

  • http://twitter.com/JayMontano Jay Montano

    Wow, that is a pretty sizeable chunk. Let’s see them do something with this.

  • http://josedmorales.net Josè Daniel

    Sweet success

  • Guest

    why isn’t facebook in the mix?  millions of people use facebook to IM vs. a dedicated client.. not to mention that some clients (wlm, yahoo now allow you to talk to facebook contacts).

    • Anonymous

      Not sure, but a mitigating factor here is that WLM talks to Facebook IM for those that have linked their Live ID with Facebook.

  • Anonymous

    I think that this graph misses to place chinese QQ…. defnitly a 300 million users network isn’t small enough to be inside “otherS”… 

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  • Anonymous

    If they want to keep that monopoly, they need to delete the windows live messenger brand, because Microsoft has lost it’s appeal. People son’t like the brand anymore.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t see how Google Talk is an issue at all. I only know things from what the situation is here in Norway, and I don’t know one person who actively use Google Talk.  In my youth it was Live Messenger that reigned supreme, with Facebook looking to have the same role for todays youth. 

  • Hussein

    Still cant understand why in the installation of Skype, it gives you a chance to install Google Chrome with the installation. Microsoft, you are still supporting your worst enemy, the enemy that wreaks the youtube version for windows phone 7.

  • Anonymous

    yes ,I think  Microsoft buy an IM monopoly with Skype purchase?

  • Anonymous

    Will microsoft monopolize the acquisition of Skype?

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  • Seanbentley37

    Dude, do you not proofread your own posts?
    “a very wise more”?
    “we still hear all to often”?
    “no-one knows how how many active Google Talk users are”

    Typos destroy credibility.