Digitimes claims Microsoft and Intel will subsidize Windows 8 hybrids by hundreds of dollars

imageDigitimes reports that Microsoft and Intel together are planning to boost Windows 8 touch screen laptop sales this holiday season by working to cut prices by first tier vendors to as low as $399 for 11.6 inch hybrids.

The deals are intended to help new Windows 8 laptops to compete against Windows 7 laptops inventory which has been discounted.

If true it would suggest waiting a few weeks for the holiday season to kick in may save several hundred dollars.

Do our readers it is worth waiting? Let us know below.

  • http://twitter.com/danrivhor Daniel Rivero Horie

    Could this include the Samsung Smart Pro 700t? It costs 1.199$

    • http://www.todayinwindows.com/ Ian Aldrighetti

      We don’t even know if this is true, so there is no way to know. The manufacturer would likely have to agree to it as well.

      • Tips_y

        You have a point there. Even if MS and Intel give discounts to OEMs but if they don’t pass it on to buyers, the savings could just end up in the pockets of OEMs. So yes, this has to be a collaboration between MS, Intel, and OEMs so buyers could benefit.

  • techieg

    Well, sounds good if this includes Surface. I don’t care much for others that are products of lousy or non-existent hardware engineering from lame OEMs.

    • http://www.todayinwindows.com/ Ian Aldrighetti

      Doubt it would, I don’t think the Surface/Surface Pro is considered a hybrid. Though I guess everyone may have their own independent definition of hybrid.

      • techieg

        No Surface is not a hybrid, they are tablet. It was just wishful thinking on my part.

  • Dome

    I hope so…. Windows 8 tablet pc cost too much for my pocket… but II’d like to buy one…

  • Streetnerd

    will this only be for the US market? how bout EU?

  • freeiam

    This is the end of Apple