Digitimes: Microsoft Surface RT to be $599+, Surface Pro $799+


Digitimes, the great eastern rumour house, claims to have identified the ODM for the Microsoft Surface tablets and have fingered Pegatron Technology.

Citing industry sources in the notebook market, they have also placed some bottom ends on the prices of the tablets, saying the Windows RT-based model, featuring Nvidia’s Tegra 3, will be priced above US$599, while the Windows 8 Pro-based Surface tablet PC with Ivy Bridge processor is expected to be at least above US$799.

At $599 that would price the RT tablet at the equivalent price to the 32 GB iPad with WIFI only, making the price not as expensive as it appears.

At $799 the Surface Pro would be priced cheaper than the iPad 64 GB with WIFI and 3G, costing $829, and it is of course a pretty low price for a full PC with an Ivy Bridge processor.

Digitimes notes Microsoft only expects limited profits from the venture, which will hopefully keep both margins and prices low.

Read more at Digitimes here.

  • Anonymous

    599 for the RT is suicide.  The base model is only 32GB because 16GB isn’t enough for Win8, and would be surprised if you have as much available storage as you get on a 32GB iPad.  More to the point…when you’re competing with someone who has far (far) better brand recognition and value, and who owns a massive share of the market, by christ you HAVE to compete on price.

    Don’t get me wrong, the minute I have enough money I’m buying one, but there is absolutely 0% chance of getting decent market share against the iPad unless the surface is better AND cheaper.

    • Mohib Sheth

      People said the same about Windows Phone but its seems to be selling well enough.

      • Anonymous

        Ha ha ha…Microsoft could just rely on their OEMs if they were happy with less than 5% market share.

      • rsgx

        Yeah, MS might just announce their own phone too.

      • Anonymous

        Fanboyism aside, WP is NOT selling well enough yet.

    • 4444

      You can get a 32GB SD card for less that £15 so thats not really an issue.

      • Anonymous

        Having to spend an extra £15 is an issue if you’ve already spent £50-100 more than the market leading competition. 

    • Alexander Trauzzi

      Totally agree on having to undercut Apple on price.  Microsoft needs to get the RTs in peoples’ hands – fast.

    • rsgx

      It’s clearly a more functional device, but price is absolutely a crucial factor.

  • http://www.facebook.com/philippe.wechsler Philippe Wechsler

    599$ for the RT version is to expensive, but 799$ for the Pro version is cheap :-)

    • http://twitter.com/counterblow the person

      Show me what other real competitor sells for less than that.

      • Zicoz

        It’s a great price for the Product, but it might be too high to be an entry-level Product.

        But it all Depends on what you get, we still don’t know about 3G/4G, and wether or not the Keyboards comes With the Device or if it’s another $20-50

        • J A

          If they sell for the same price as the toy called iPad, it does Surface no justice because they are far more useful devices than any iPad can dream to be as it brings together productivity and play that the iPad dares accomplish, this alone is what puts the toy called iPad in big trouble.

      • Anonymous

        Really?  What, were you redirected here from your usual fashion tips website?

        See the big grey wedge?  Yeah, they sell for less.  And the blue one?  Yep, them too.  And the yellow?  Yep, same again (a third of the price actually). 

        • Smitty

          That grey Wedge is Apple, and apple’s 32 “new” ipad is $599, that’s not less.

          And wrong again, Sammy tab 2 with 32GB $599, read and weep:

          But having said that you can pick up ASUS and ACER tegra 3 with 32gb for less than $500, but they don’t have a stand built it, nor come with a cover, let alone one with a built in keyboard and mouse trackpad!

          • Anonymous

            Windows 8 will take up far more storage memory than iOS (hence no 16GB version), so it’s more comparable with the $499 16GB iPad…or even the $399 ipad2 which has a similar screen resolution (and we can’t tell yet how the other specs will match up yet).

            Also, only an idiot buys tech direct from the manufacturer…Galaxy Tab 2 for $399 at Amazon (plus a few quid for a 16GB microSD).

            Finally, no indication that the surface will be bundled with the keyboard cover (and it would be a first if it was).

          • Ffl1940

            “Also, only an idiot buys tech direct from the manufacturer…”    so every apple buyer is an idiot?

          • Anonymous

            Well…yes!  But to be fair, they are pretty much the only tech brand (maybe with Amazon) that fixes their prices so you can’t get it cheaper by shopping around.

          • VHMP01

            When someone wants to sound silly, they just have to! “Windows 8 will take up far more storage memory than iOS”… You are thinking about W8 Pro, did you forget about W8 RT? Remember, the ARM version that won’t use as much space!

    • Anonymous

      isnt Windows 8 wether its on RT or Pro still a full OS? would you sell a full OS at the same price as a mobile OS, if im wrong please correct me

      • Anonymous

        I’m not quite sure how you distinguish between “full” and “mobile”?  You can walk about with a windows 8 rt device if that’s what you mean.  And the OS limits what you can do in terms of installing software, running flash, multitasking etc.

        • Anonymous

          maybe i wrote it wrong, windows 8 on the RT tablet is it running the desktop version or the WP8 mobile software. i must have it confused, but i cant understand cause i hear all devices will communicate and share software maybe for the phone. so im thinking all tablets will run the Desktop software and not mobile software. if the tablet is using the desktop software why would the price be the same or less than the ipad which is a mobile OS. once again if i am wrong set me str8 so i can have a better understanding.

    • J A

      If the extrmely limited iPad can sell for that price then RT at $599 is very cheap considering that you can both work and play on it, the former which cannot be said for the toy iPad. The MS Office Home & Student that redaily comes with it alone is $100 retail price, this by itself displaces the iPad that cannot be used for anything work-related but just iTunes, YouTube and not much else. People need to start using their brains.

      • Travis Calder

        Amusing. I bought my iPad 1 for personal use, and it gets almost none. For work, on the other hand, I use it constantly. 

        QuickOffice, DropBox, OmniFocus, iSSH, iTeleport, SimpleNote, and Pocket see very regular use.

        That said, the Surface is welcome competition in the business environment. Either way, you need to be less condescending.

        • J A

          Well, you just listed disparate apps that most enterprises don’t even deploy or are just make do alternatives when the real enterprise applications are incompatible with the toy called iPad. The iPad cannot even do full HD due to its 9.7″ display size, instead they are coming out with sales gimmicks called “Retina”. I guess we will all see but most have already recognized the facts that I speak of both in the business and consumer spaces.

      • Anonymous

        The advantage MS has here is bundling. They unlike Apple have the game console they can offer this with e.g. xBox 360 with Live gold membership and a surface RT for 20% off.

        If I were them I would do the same with WP8 and Surface

        The other user identifiable advantage is (as said) Office.
        “yes sir the surface comes with the MS office included in the price”
        “No I am afraid there isn’t MS Office on the iPad sir, there are other alternatives but they cost extra”

        The real killer (the icing on the cake) would be
        “yes sir the surface comes with the light keyboard/cover”
        “No I am afraid the iPad doesn’t have that sir, but you may find one on the internet and that is an extra cost sir”

        “what is that sir? Oh no the stand is not part ofthe ipad sir, but you do get a stand if you get the cover it doesn’t have a keyboard like the surface as I mentioned earlier”

      • Guest

        True…very very true. I was dumb enough to buy an iPad, because I thought it could be useful for work and school, but it’s just a big toy. I am extremely impressed with the design of the Surface tablet and plan on buying a Pro when it comes out. I can do REAL work on it! Excel, Matlab, Visual Studio will all run on it. And I can have an actual mouse!!!!!! I cannot wait.

  • GP007

    MS could just take a hit on them like they do with the Xbox and make it up on the Windows Store sales.   Unless they don’t want to undercut their OEM partners in the market?   That could be a factor in this as well.

  • Alb

    Does it comes with Cellular 3G/4G, NFC, Bluetooth, GPS, Gyro?

    • http://twitter.com/oslicek David Petrla

      Nobody knows for sure. My guess is that at last something from this list is there.

      • http://gamers.cz/ Martin Procházka

        Tegra 3 has integrated 3G/4G on SoC doesn’t it? (Meaning RT version could have 3G/4G)

    • http://twitter.com/BigRedMachine2 Gary Brasco

      The demo definately showed blue tooth and showed that the keyboard had gyro so I would expect the tablet to have same.  I was surprised that there was no mention of 3G/4G….

  • Anonymous

    Priced above doesn’t say anything. I can say its priced above $1.00. Not much here.

  • Roger Lu168

    it’s not a apple to apple comparison. Surface RT has office built in.

    • Anonymous

      it’s not but they don’t have a billion and one retail stores with trained staff that can make the advantages of a windows tablet clear… but guess who does

    • Alexander Trauzzi

      Whether it has office or not is immaterial.  Look at the countless Androids pre-loaded with various office apps.

      Nobody cares.  It’s the core device that carries the value.

      • rsgx

        Well, some of us care.

        I’m holding out for the Pro Surface now. Office on a tablet is going to be awesome.

        • Smitty

          Just remember, Surface with Windows 8 Pro will NOT come with office since you can run the normal version of MS Office, hopefully the price will be cheaper on the pro version to allow paying for office, but it won’t come with it.

          The RT version however will, but it won’t be full fledged office, at least not at start, you won’t get outlook, just word, excel and powerpoint.  Which will still perform better than any android office apps.

  • Anonymous

    *sigh* it doesn’t really matter that $599 is the same price as the iPad w/ 32gb what matters is that you can buy an iPad for $499 (regardless of storage amount) it would have a $100 lower barrier to entry. not to mention one can buy an iPad 2 for $399

    Not to mention Surface RT is going to suffer from lack of apps compared to the iPad… This is all rumor but MS needs to know/learn not to price products at the same price point as a VERY STRONG market leader. need to undercut

    • http://twitter.com/counterblow the person

      lack of apps?  WTF?  There will be 100k+ apps for the RT when it releases.

      Where do you people get your news from?  A cracker jack box?

      • Anonymous

        There will be 100k+ if everyone who has made a wp7 app converts it over.  Unless you have a source that says otherwise.

        • Anonymous

           Microsoft will be performing the conversion from their servers!

      • Anonymous

        Where do you get your news from? There are minimal number of RT apps at present. So how in a few months do you go from a handful to 100+?????

        @Bugbog:disqus MS have agreed to recompile the WP7 apps to WP8 but that does not make them ready for Windows 8 RT. The screen size and aspect ratio alone are significant differences.

        • Anonymous

          I think you are missing one of the genius points of the Metro design! Once recompiled (which is a smooth automated process) the Aspect ratio from vertical to horizontal is simply changed with a few lines of code!

          This was already demonstrated at Build last year. (Obviously some apps are poorly written and will require inspection/adjustment, but a vast majority of the well written ones will come over easily). Checkout the Sky News App on Win 8; it reuses the just about all the visual design and text elements from the WP7 app, making them virtually the same! (Although the choice is available if developers want to re-write the app specifically for the Tablet).

          • Anonymous

            @Bugbog:disqus So let me get this straight and clear (I am not a developer) are you telling me that converting WP7 apps (which I assume run on ARM chips already) to WP8 and then modifying them to fit the Windows RT tablet is an easy thing to do?

            This is the first time I have heard this and of all the journalists (some them quite expert) none have said anything other than Windows RT will have a problem as it doesn’t have many apps and getting developers engaged is not looking good.

            Please clarify because if a good proportion of the 100,000 WP7 apps will be shortly available on Windows RT surface tablet then I am in for a Windows RT surface tablet (I thought I’d need the Windows Pro surface device).

            Lastly, how easy is it then to convert Intel based programs to ARM (expecting the answer to be VERY time consuming).

          • Stang

            Actually any app written for RT will run on Win8. You can write apps for Win8 that won’t be able to run on RT.  They took a Win8 app and had the developer rework it to add NFC and run on WP8 and it took them 2 days to get it done. Going the other way is even easier from what I have seen. They stated in the WP8 conference that all you had to do to port between the phone and RT/8 was adjust the interface for different screen resolutions…and that was mostly to go down to phone, not up to tablet/desktop.

          • Anonymous

            As a developer that works in the MS stack, I can tell you that the conversion is quite easy. The UI is encoded in XAML, which is a HTML like design language. The code is written in C# (usually) and ports between environments with a handful of #ifdefs and that’s it. As for Intel vs ARM, it’s just a compilation flag.

  • matt

    Nahhh, I’m going to go with $499 and $599 for the SurfaceRT and $899 and $999 for the SurfacePro.  Those prices put the devices in direct competition with the iPad and MacBook Air 11in and gives you more for less.

    • http://twitter.com/counterblow the person

      $599 is the SAME price as the 32Gb iPad and you are still getting more functionality.  Good grief people you can’t have nice shit for free!  The 3rd party providers will attack the low end.

      • http://twitter.com/SevenDead1ySinz Jason Boyd

        They should price it competitively with the iPad 2 since the iPad 3 is nothing more then a marketing gimmick from Apple trying to sucker it’s users to buying a new model year after year when nothing really changes.

  • Alexander Trauzzi

    $799 for the Pro would be very acceptable provided it has a decent amount of RAM.

    $599 for the RT version is too much and makes me feel like they’re subsidizing the Pro with it.

    I think the best price points would be $399 for the RT and $799 for the Pro.  This leaves enough of a gap between the two that people won’t just say “screw it” and get the Pro.  RT is Microsoft’s opportunity to get the platform out there and get an installed base of consumers.

  • http://twitter.com/SevenDead1ySinz Jason Boyd

    I am going to call BS on these estimates. While the $799+ is reasonable for the Pro, estimating that the RT is only going to be about 200 cheaper or less is ludicrous, especially with the large gap in functionality between the two. $599 will probably be the high range price for the 64gb RT version, there will probably be about a $100 difference between the 32gb and 64gb versions as well. 

    Microsoft will probably take the hit in the first couple of years and price this under cost, much like they did with the 360 when it was released. A better estimate would be the 32gb Rt at $399 or $499, and the 64gb RT at  $499 or $599 (depending on the price of the 32gb RT)

    • rsgx

      Pro will be $699+ IMO.

      • http://twitter.com/SevenDead1ySinz Jason Boyd

        I would love to see that. As a student with a family, I have a tight budget; a Surface Pro at that price would be a great addition. I still think that $799 is probably the sweet spot for a tablet that is touted as having the specs of an ultrabook. 

    • Skizztle

      Taking a hit on the cost of the hardware is not all that bad cause they can make it up with app sales.

  • Anonymous

    $599 for the most expensive RT model maybe… definitely not the base model

    • rsgx

      I honestly hope so.

      Microsoft nailed the hardware and approach on this 100% in my opinion.

      But, and possibly more importantly so, they need to get the price right.

  • Christian


  • http://twitter.com/efjay01 Ef Jay

    How many times have these retards been correct recently with their BS predictions for WP and Windows 8? Something tells me the validity of this prediction is close to their previous ones, ie zero.

  • Anonymous

    If Microsoft wants to really make inroads, subsidize the damned thing with expected app sales.  They really need to go with Gillette’s attitude.  Sell the razor for cheap, and make money on blades. 

    If it comes in at $599, consumers won’t take notice.  Signs and blogs will be “ipad x starting at $499, Windows Tablet starting at $599”.  They’ve lost before it would even start sadly if they don’t price very aggressively.

  • http://twitter.com/xchaser xchaser

    its too expensive for my pocket will have to save a year to get it. I want it so bad, but I guess I will have to wait. :(

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000171612790 Imeobong Isang

    one question what is an odm? I thought Microsoft specifically said they made the design themselves. And windows rt metro apps, if im not mistaken, have the same capabilities as desktop apps except for the fact that they don’t run in the background all the time. There all lots of apps available for the windows release preview that demonstrate this. For instance the app in the marketplace “fresh paint” easily bounds better than Microsoft paint but one is metro and one is not. I think people underestimate metro apps just cuz they are more intuitive and easier so use but they also can be really complex. saying that, i think surface rt is good for most consumers who don’t aspire to be an engineer of any kind, but for engineers, surface pro is optimal simply because of legacy program support.

    • Anonymous

      Original Device Manufacturer
      MS were responsible for the creation, design, manufacturing expertise etc but someone else puts it together for them (just as Apple don’t physically build their own devices – they use a comapny called Foxconn)

      What you need to understand is that you get two operating modes in one – traditional desktop mode and touch (metro) mode

      The Windows RT Surface version is running on a completely new chip architecture called ARM whereas Windows has traditionally run on Intel chips. This means that all the Intel programs can’t run on ARM and they have to be converted.

      When the Windows Pro Surface comes out as that is based on an intel chip it will run the millions of Apps currently available in Windows mode and the growing number of metro apps.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Milad-Bazzaz/100000479683479 Milad Bazzaz

    If the RT Version had 3G/4G it would have been fine…

    for me, without cellular is very unfortunate. This thing looks absolutely kick ass…

    2 things I hate
    1. No cellular
    2. Tegra 3 instead of the Krait Quad Core (which would smoke the lame nVidia chip)

    design and quality seems superb.

    • Anonymous

      The 3G/4G bundled into the device is a con that you should stay away from. Most people I know who just bought the iPad wanted to invest widely so they bought the wifi version only. This gives them freedom to select the fastest/latest GPRS modem with thier preferred price plan and swap whenevr tyhe next fastest GPRS band comes out. For example here in Aus the latest iPad advertised as the iPad 4G isn’t 4g and Apple have been fined by the regulator. However 4G is being rolled out and when available the money they saved on getting the 4G they used buy purchasing a 3G dongle or bluetooth modem.

      Remember the Windows surface device has a full USB port so it will be even easier to connect a GPRS modem and they can just upgrade that to the latest version when the next speed upgrade comes out without having to replace the whole tablet.

  • Anonymous

    MS really should aim for $499 for the base Surface RT.  Don’t get me wrong, even if it were $900 it would still be a better deal than the iPad, but we all know MS always has a handicap (the press) that weighs against it.  Besides, marketing wise, its important to be able to match Apple on that “starts at” price.  As for the Pro version, $799 actually seems pretty reasonable.  Although the fear of limited space, and lack of upgradability, may make me go for the 128GB model, which I’m guessing would be $899.

  • Muscle Bud

    A tad bit too high… Microsoft should learn from Amazon with the Kindle Fire, undercut the price off the bat and get the devices to consumers and reap the rewards/profits in the long run.

  • Pvkreddy2001

    Its cool and great