Digitimes: Samsung Will No Longer Launch Conventional Windows Notebook Models

Digitimes today reported that Samsung will no longer launch conventional notebook models except few Chromebooks in 2015. Essentially, they are ending their R&D on new Windows laptops while they continue to sell their existing models. Samsung had a strong growth in Windows laptops segment 2 years back, but since then it has lost its game with Lenovo and decreasing consumer demand for laptops.

Samsung Electronics has set a goal of shipping seven million notebooks globally in 2014, a reduction of 41.67% from the 12 million units shipped in 2013, and will no longer launch conventional notebook models except Chromebooks in 2015, according to Taiwan-based supply chain makers. Samsung aimed to ship 17 million notebooks in 2013 but actually shipped 12 million units, the sources said.

On a related note, Asus notebook shipments are expected to reach 20 million units in 2014, up from 18.5 million units in 2013.

Source: Digitimes (1), Digitimes (2)

  • grimo

    Like Chromebook(uselessbook) would sell better than windows in the near future.

    • GG002

      There’s so much hypocrisy and so many double standards by Samsung that it’s becoming the joke of the century. Whether intellectual properties or commitment, Maimsung deserves to go down. I was seriously thinking of buying a Samsung laptop/ultrabook about a year ago, but went for Lenovo after all. Good choice.

      • grimo

        Good Choice bro, frankly i never seen a SamDung laptops in my country so good riddance.

  • http://yourig.livejournal.com/ ZloiYuri

    Less crap – best for us. If somebody can live just on cancer principles – then go them to hell. This market transformed into mature one, and rules are different. Best materials, design and usability means more because now life cycle of PC increased up to 3-5 years. For shitsung it’s inaccessible.

  • AdyMarty

    samsung and google are like married

  • FreeDom

    This is good news for Sony. Hopefully they can capitalize on this.

    • Tips_y

      Yes, hopefully. Hopefully too, Sony will release a WP8 device similar to the Z1, together with a handset in the affordable range.

  • Bugbog

    Continue digging your grave Samsung! I’ll be here, laughing at you. in two years time when you’ve lost your Golden Android Crown, and have No Windows Phones, No Windows 8 hybrids and No Win8 Tablets.

    • koenshaku

      Phones may not be changing anytime soon, but yeah windows 8-9 will retake the ultra portable market entirely in the next few years if Apple and Google stay their course with content consumption devices.

  • 1995supra

    My work had purchased a couple of the 13″ models and a couple of the 15″ Series 9 models . Everyone likes them, but they won’t come out with an updated 15″. Still on the 3rd gen Intel. I can say this, that if they came out with a 16″+ that was like the Series 9….. We would probably buy 10 of them….. Oh and nobody cares about the insane screen resolutions either. 1080 is fine.

  • Tips_y

    So they got beat not only by Lenovo but also by Asus. They also did not sell as many S4 as they expected to sell. For the first time in two years, their profit also went down. Well then… cracks are perhaps beginning to show.

  • deathdealer351

    Odd decision since over the weekend they signed the cross license with google. Wonder if the two could be related hmmmmmmmmmm….

    • Asgard

      I was thinking the same. Its quite clear these things are related. They announced this right after the patent deal. I wonder how much Google paid them.

  • Kruegerman

    How did you idiots take this to mean that they won’t release any Windows machines at all? Did you not notice the word “conventional”? Why would they use that word at all unless it has some implications?
    For the brain-dead, allow me to tell you what this means. Samsung is no longer going to release any notebooks that don’t have a touch screen except for Chromebooks. The rest are going to have touch screens. They’re still going to be releasing 2-in-1s and tablets just like everybody else.
    My god, you guys are idiots.

    • tofferne

      I agree, great fun

      • whatup12

        yep, i was wondering the same thing…but is there more info to back this up?

    • Herb_Eaversmells

      Lol as soon as they saw the word “Samsung” they decided to just focus on being assholes instead of pausing for a second and using logic. Now if the you replace Samsung with just for example “Asus” they wouldn’t react the same way.