Digitimes: Surface sales to only hit 60% of forecast in 2012

Digitimes’s somewhat less than impeccable upstream supply sources are claiming that Surface sales will only hit 60% of Microsoft’s forecast in 2012.

Unfortunately Digitimes did not exactly reveal what these forecasts were, leaving us to guess exactly how many millions of units this would represent.

Their sources claim buyers are not seeing the value proposition of Windows RT tablets, and that Asus’s own Windows RT tablet is similarly affected.

On the other hand they expect full Windows 8 tablets to benefit, as users wait for these more powerful devices.

Are any of our readers waiting also opting for Windows 8 tablets over Windows RT ones, despite the bulk and battery life advantages of RT devices? Let us know below.


  • duk3togo

    I believe the hardcore community is waiting on W8 Pro but the average consumer have no clue what the differences are.
    Heck they flock to glorified cell phones that can’t make calls like the iPad and Droid tablets even the kindle fire HD (glorified reader).
    Interesting enough i have yet to see advertising for an Asus W8 tablet, maybe that’s the reason they are not selling.

    • http://www.facebook.com/koekenberg Chris Koekenberg

      I quess it’s the high pricing from ASUS.

      Surface RT 499 euro and ASUS Vivo Tab 699 and with the Dock 829 euro so that’s why it’s not selling if you ask me.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gavin-Tom/100001144097567 Gavin Tom

        actually right now the ASUS one is 50 dollars less than the Microsoft surface and comes with the dock/keyboard. At least in the US anyways.

  • Bugbog

    I think they are mistaking Asus’s RT sales with that of the Surface RT’s! :)

  • http://twitter.com/Dare2Blink Njoi Roque Fontes

    I seriously doubt people aren´t seeing value in Surface Rt since it gives much more than ipad does for less money and people buy that in droves… Office alone makes it a no brainer. Add in file management and usb ports and only na idiot would not see value in that

    • http://twitter.com/topscientist Top Scientist

      My god, you are an idiot.

      It doesn’t run real Office — just some lame RT version. Nor does it run Windows apps. Nor does it have a functioning ecosystem of its own apps.

      • Thomas Bundgaard

        My god, you’re an idiot.

  • http://twitter.com/counterblow the person

    We live in the era where stupid people win. It started with the VCR, continued on with BlueRay and iPod, now we are in to tablets. People don’t want the best product, like lemmings, they want what everyone else has.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/WhoiamisnotImportant-Mclaurin/100001452991690 WhoiamisnotImportant Mclaurin

    As soon as I have the money I’ll be buying one that’s for sure. Its not the lack of interest, its the lack of channels to sell them through. Open them up to best buy and people would buy them in droves.

  • notitles

    well apparently, according to Paul Thurrott’s generally reliable sources, Surface is actually selling “well above Microsoft’s loftiest projections”… wonder why that gets no reporting whatsoever…


    • The__Truth__Hurts

      Since the media is die-hard apple users. That is why.

      • notitles


  • XB_Mod

    I have a surface RT and it does everything I wanted/needed/expected it to do.

    But the performance is indeed not the best. For whatever reason Microsoft chose the Tegra 3 chip that is slow, noticably slower than even clovertrail which has full Windows 8 compatibility. I’m well aware though that Microsoft wanted an ARM chip but then again, the S4Pro would be much faster.

    My other complains are lack of GPS, NFC, 4G and low res display. I also think the charging connector is broken…it doesn’t show when its fully charged and it doesn’t “click in”.

    But Microsoft can adress all these in the next version, I understand they took a conservative approach the first time around. The result is an excellent tablet.

    I can tether for 3G/4G, I don’t see pixels when the device is at arm’s length, GPS isn’t really necessary on a tablet especially with my Lumia 920 in my other pocket, charging connector is a small issue too….so all in all its a great device but remember…its a first gen device with a first gen OS. It takes some time for the Win8 ecosystem to explode.

    • NegLewis

      Win8 Ecosystem will eventually explode. This is not something to argue about.
      This is about WHEN! not IF.

      The reason why MS is lacking support must be searched in the mists of time: The year I speak about is 2005-2007. When MS was … everything.

      They are to mfk slow.
      People have no patience to load a video from YouTube if it’s lagging – a couple of seconds – but wait 1-2-5 years based on a promise.
      They invest a lot of time in a lot of things, but when I use my WP7 phone I feel like I am forced to to certain things – without my consent when I want to “consume” MY music, MY files, MY zip’s, MY videos, MY movies, MY PHONE.

      If they will let people use their phones as it were theirs… and soon their Surfaces, Win 8 tablets and laptops people will start using again MS (mobile).

      They need to LET GO!!! AND HAVE TRUST!!!
      Let the Windows 8, and W8 GO!!! LET them be free…

  • NegLewis

    This is mainly MS fault.

    They Released WP7 without any investments in marketing and without adding main features people want like: USB-Flash-Micro SD support, Adobe Flash support, Tethering… small things – REALLY SMALL THINGS like that destroyed WP7.

    These features required a little work and testing… except maybe Adobe Flash.

    All the hate people having towards W8 RT and PRO has it’s roots in these DECISIONS! DECISIONS! made by CEO and Marketing team.
    They choose NOT to add them in WP7 … but wait for WP8.

    Well… people forgive… but the price is that they will forget you.

    • Wyn6


  • Jason

    Originally I was going to wait for the Surface Pro, but ended up getting the Surface RT – it’s an amazing piece of kit that does everything I need during the day, and so much more practical than a laptop – I can be productive in seconds meaning I can make good use of the gaps I have in the day.

    The battery easily lasts a day, and the size is perfect – small enough to use whilst sat in the car, on the sofa, in a café, yet with a large enough screen to work on. The touch keyboard works really well, perfect for emails on the go, yet takes up no space.

    Having office, email and calendar, plus the internet, with me during the day is everything I need. Surface is a game-changer, I now use it in preference to my Core i7 desktop, unless I am doing something heavy duty like web design or video editing.

    Yes there are 1 or 2 minor niggles – the power connector is a little fiddly, but no more so than mini/micro-usb, and a few more apps would be good, but these are coming.

    Otherwise, this thing is nearly perfect!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gavin-Tom/100001144097567 Gavin Tom

      yeah, but damn the surface pro is so tempting I might have two surfaces by next year……ouch my wallet.

  • rb

    It’s all about PRICING! Take a look at the NEXUS story. Surface with Windows RT is much too expensive !!!

  • Schooner1984

    I have never owned an iPad. Was looking at an iPad 2 until I found out
    that there is no digitizer and OneNote was not available. It would have
    been great to use in meetings (yes I have read “Five Dysfunctions…”)
    for notes. Thought the same about the Surface RT, but it does not have
    Outlook to connect to Exchange. I am still looking for THE lightweight
    device to replace my HP Touchsmart (c.2007) for my weekly travels across
    the US. For now I use a legal pad for notes, but considering a digital note pad. Would love to see MS create a paper based OneNote product that would NFC/bluetooth my notes and projects to my Mango/WP8 phone, laptop and SkyDrive. For now I am waiting to see the
    Surface Pro. If the RT was $100 less I would have one, then it would be
    worth it for me as (primarily) consumption device while traveling.

    • Wyn6

      The native mail client will connect to Exchange just fine.

      • Schooner1984

        Thanks for the info about the email client. I plan to visit the Microsoft Store in Atlanta this week and get a first hand look at an RT and ask lots of questions.

  • RonV42

    I pre-ordered the surface RT and knew exactly what I was getting. A tablet that can also be used as a PC for certain tasks like the kids doing their research and composing school papers, reading and sending email, playing a few games, wife doing spreadsheets, etc.
    Everyone is happy with it and it can be taken easily wherever the family goes without taking a full backpack of adapters and power cables.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gavin-Tom/100001144097567 Gavin Tom

      Yup the surface immediately replaced my netbook and at home it is a regular consumption device. It nicely syncs with my WP8 nokia lumia 920 btw, and is just a great thing to have. Plus I get awesome looks since people have no idea what kind of tablet I have, actually scratch that they know it after I tell them the clicky dancing commercial. Haha.

  • JohnCz

    I got a Surface RT for my mom & dad but waiting for Surface Pro for myself .. I refuse to buy a tablet without a decent digitizer. The only reason Surface isn’t doing better is its limited store availability. Online sales at Surface.com is not enough to make up the difference. They need retail partners to hit or exceed their targets.

  • http://www.facebook.com/koekenberg Chris Koekenberg

    Yeah i’m waiting for the Surface pro or might get the Samsung Smart PC Pro i’m not loving the slow ATOM processors that much since i wanna use photoshop and a stylus also.

    So RT is no option for me. But i think 1200 (euro) is a little much so im waiting for Surface Pro and see what pricing is going to do.

  • http://3dmee.com/!/Shiny.Pixels ShinyPixels

    I’d like to buy a couple but they aren’t available in my country yet…

  • frankwick

    I am buying a Surface but holding out until the Pro version ships.